Solar Inverters are gaining popularity day by day due to its essential features to conserve energy. A highly efficient solar inverter will help you save a lot of money and enjoy a hassle-free life. Since the Earth is in a crucial situation now, we should use alternative energy sources so that we can protect nature from probable destruction. Solar inverters are one such device that will help us in the conservation of the environment. But before purchasing a solar inverter, we must keep in mind what actually it is and how does it work. Moreover, hybrid solar inverters are more beneficial than stand-alone solar inverters. If the purpose and characteristics are clear to us, we will not waste a single minute to apply this fantastic technique.

What is Solar Inverter?

A solar inverter is more beneficial than a solar power system. These systems run PV energy. However, the solar photovoltaic system requires other components also to run efficiently. The inverters installed inside the machines can convert the raw DC from the solar panels into AC to provide you the electricity in a suitable form. More and more people today want to buy solar PV systems to get rid of the frequent incidents of power-cuts. The common public of Brisbane is very enthusiastic about these new systems with the recent launch of solar inverters in Brisbane. However, the modern population is quite smart.

Hence, they are not ready to install any new device without proper information about the same. There are various types of solar power systems available in the market now. Everybody wants to choose the best option for their households. Solar Inverters have certain specific parameters that make it a more beneficial product when compared to others. We will discuss over here, the various components of solar inverters, their advantages, characteristics, the types and also suggest about the best solar inverters which will suit your purpose.

What are the different types of Solar Inverters

Installing the best solar inverter will give you a higher capacity at a lower price. Hence, do not compromise with the quality of the inverter while purchasing. The right decision can save your time and money and provide you with a great future ahead.

There is a wide range of solar inverters available. Moreover, there are different manufacturers in the American market to provide you the needed services. However, you should be aware of the various types before making the final purchase. It is evident that there will be some losses of energy during the conversion from DC to AC. Hence, no inverter is 100% perfect. There will be some flaws in every solar inverter. However, we will provide you with the names of the best solar inverters in the market to make your purchase a smooth one. It may happen that the efficiency of the systems is not 100% perfect, but that will not be a very big deal. It is quite normal for these solar inverters.

Moreover, if you install a hybrid solar inverter, then you can easily get a dual benefit of both wind and solar energies. As a result, you will not have to fear about frequent power-cuts. The excellent quality inverters will give you the best results and will satisfy your needs. Also, it will be pocket-friendly for you as your electricity bill will be smaller after this.

Depending on the types of batteries to be used, we can classify the solar inverters into the following categories;-

  • Off-grid or Stand-alone Inverters:
Off-grid or Stand-alone Inverters

We can easily guess from its name that it is a stand-alone inverter that does not connect with an electronic grid system. Mostly, the small-scaled solar PV power plants use these devices for distributing electricity to ordinary houses or office buildings. It comprises batteries that can light up your rooms, especially during hours of low sunlight or during the nights. Hence, it is a fantastic solution for leading a tension-free life for the common people.

  • Grid-connected or Grid-Interactive Inverters:

Grid-connected or Grid-Interactive Inverters

As the name suggests, we use these inverters in grid-connected PV power systems. Another name for these solar inverters is string inverters. Their distinctive features include specially designed circuits matching the voltage and current generated by the PV systems with that of the grid.

Moreover, most of these grid-tie inverters have a maximum power point tracker system so that it can maximize the power generation capacity of the machine. It also has an inbuilt system that will give you an indication whenever there is a shortage of power-supply or instances of power-cuts. In such cases, they draw the power from the connected grids and fulfill your needs. It is a compact device and depends only on the size of an appropriate solar power PV system that you have installed to run smoothly.

  • Grid-tied inverters with battery backup:

Grid-tied inverters with battery backup

These are a special type of inverters that combines the features of two inverters and provides you with the maximum possible benefit.

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10 Things to Consider Before Buying Solar Inverters

If you are planning to buy the best solar inverter, after knowing all the parameters of the available inverters. If you do not have adequate information about a product, it is not possible to use it fruitfully. Below are a few basic things to consider:

  1. Battery voltage

Battery voltage refers to the range of voltage that has to be fed to the solar inverters. It is crucial to choose the battery based on the requirement of the inverter. Battery voltage comes into existence only when you are planning to buy the off-grid based inverter system or if the system is required for the PV power plant.

  1. Continuous power output

Power output refers to the maximum power that can be produced by the best solar inverter at a particular temperature and for the continuous-time period. The power output is dependent on the temperature provided. As per the deviation in temperature, the power output keeps varying.

  1. Frequency

All solar inverters are designed based on certain frequency parameters. The frequency set for Brisbane is 50 Hz whereas for the US it is 60 Hz.

  1. Output voltage

It refers to the output produced by the inverter. Based on the design of the inverter, it can be 230 volts and also 415 volts.

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  1. Efficiency

Solar panels are installed to generate more power but not all the power gets converted to produce electricity. If the inverter is efficient, more power can be easily converted to useful electricity. The efficiency of the inverter varies according to the load connected to the inverter. It is always advisable to buy solar inverters in Brisbane which have very high efficiency up to 97% or more so that more and more electricity can be generated via the solar panels.

  1. No-load power consumption

The power being consumed by the inverter when there is no load connected at the output is the no-load power consumption. Higher is this value, less will be the efficiency of the inverter. So buy the hybrid solar inverters which have this value lesser than 1% of the power output.

  1. DC current

DC current is the maximum current that can be handled by the solar inverter. It is generated from the solar panel.

  1. Voltage range

It refers to the voltage being generated by the panel that has to be fed to the solar inverter.

  1. Maximum short circuit current

It is the maximum current that can be handled by the inverter.

  1. Power factor

The power factor value should be greater than 0.9 in order to get maximum efficiency from the solar inverters.

These are some of the important factors that you should look at before buying the best solar inverter in Brisbane.