There is quite some buzz around both online and offline about the solar system and how it can be of benefit. There is no clarity on how you can decide if this is something that you want to do.

You must have seen that many companies are ready to install the 5kw solar system on the roofs. If you contact them and ask if it is the right time, more than 70 percent of them give the response in affirmative. If they did not provide you with proper justification, you would not be happy in kick-starting the project.

You can, however, follow these crucial steps before shedding money on this noteworthy project. The tips mentioned below can help you in evaluating if you are ready to get go green by installing solar panels.

Carry Out a Study: It is critical for you first to study if your company will benefit from doing this project. You should meet a consultant who can analyse your utility or power bills to see your consumption. He will indicate to you how many solar panels you need to install and how much power you can produce using them.

Doing this step will help you realise how much you can save monthly and yearly on an average. You should note that these calculations are approximate but not actuals as they might differ as per your future requirement.

A Place to Install: Once the study is complete, it is necessary for you to check the area where you can install the solar panels. Many consultants put this information in the report they create. You can see how many solar panels you can install and the power you can generate on a sunny day.

If your roof does not support the installation of the panels, you can check with the consultant for other options. Nowadays, there are many innovative ways to install the solar system. They do not mount it always on the roof; sometimes they fit it on a superstructure. There are numerous ways to fix these panels.

Plan Your Budget: After you complete this critical study, you will know the approximate budget that you require to begin the project. You need to submit your case to the project and finance teams to get the budget necessary.

You should do this step as soon as possible as it is quite essential to begin the project. You should check on the time it will take for you to get the returns on the investment. Verifying this information will give you some confidence if you should go forth with the project.

On-Grid or Off-Grid: You can choose On-grid if there is an electrical company that buys excess power you generate. These companies pay a pretty decent amount when you sell the solar energy that you create using the system.

You should choose off-grid system when you are in a remote location, and you want uninterrupted power. You should study this information before proceeding forth with the project.

After all these steps are complete, choose the best company that sells 5kw solar systems.