Picking a solar system with the proper size is a bit more complex than it’s apparent face value.

Perhaps you are looking for a way to lower your energy bill. Investing in a solar system is a wonderful idea. However, it’s very important to mind about factors that might affect the efficiency of your solar system. Therefore, it pays to consult a team of reliable solar installers of the proper sizing for your solar system. To make the process easier for you, here are 5 features that determine solar system sizing.

Efficiency of the system

Quality solar panels usually have an energy efficiency rating. However, there’s a possibility of a drop of about 0.5 to 1 percent in efficiency. However, in about 20 years after installing the system, the drop in efficiency might range from 10 to 20 percent. Therefore, reliable installers can choose a solar system with extra headroom for backup in case of efficiency loss over time.

Climate conditions

Solar panels are selected to fit in the prevailing conditions in our area. High temperatures might affect the efficiency of the system. Luckily, a team of professional solar installers can choose an ideal location for the panels for optimum exposure to sun hours. This is a time when the sun is in the proper position to generate peak energy. An ideal location for solar panels must have about 4 to 6 sun hours daily. This has a significant impact on the right solar system size.

Voltage matters

A solar system includes an inverter and charge controller. These have maximum and minimum voltage inputs. Additionally, the solar panels and batteries also have voltage ratings. Therefore, the right solar systems in Sunshine Coast are designed with the appropriate voltage according to equipment used and requirements. Additionally, other considerations might include temperature since it has an impact on voltage and efficiency of the system. Having inappropriate voltage might make the solar panels or batteries to perform below expectation.

Right battery size

It’s very important to avoid the solar battery and charging source mismatch. This is very important, especially when choosing an off grid solar power system size. The solar panel array needs to supply appropriate power to charge the batteries but just enough to avoid overcharging. The excess current might damage the batteries. Alternatively, it’s very important to choose a system that won’t undercharge the batteries. It leads to solar system inefficiency. Solar batteries need to be at full charge to limit premature failure.


It’s very important to invest in a solar system that meets your budgetary requirements. Luckily, you can easily locate a team of professional solar installers online to guide you on sizing a system that fits your budget. You will be in a better position to enjoy the immense benefits of going solar but at an amazingly low cost.

Bottom line

To go solar is a very wonderful idea for any Sunshine Coast home owner or business owner. You just have to find a solar company that can offer you a system with proper sizing to meet your energy requirements.