Solar energy is tapped from the sun’s radiation. The power is harvested through solar panels, and can be used for day-to-day energy needs at home, in offices, in space and so on.

There are numerous reasons why you should consider using solar energy in lieu of oil, or the electric grid. While some criticize it for being costly and not as efficient, solar power has proved to be beneficial to the environment and budget. The growing demand for solar systems has seen the rise to enhance the technology, which in turn has ensured more efficiency and and double or even triple the electrical input of the units.

If you’re still debating on whether or not to shift to solar power in Brisbane, this article gives you 5 solid reasons why you should use solar power.

Solar energy is renewable

Renewability is perhaps the most incredible aspect about solar energy; the power can be harnessed in almost every area in Australia on a day to day basis without the fear of it running out. And if there’s any assurance that we have is that solar energy has been there and will always be there. This is untrue for other energy sources.

Solar energy minimizes the electricity bills

Once you install your solar system, the power it produces will suffice your energy needs, meaning the total amount that you’ll pay your electricity provider will drop. You can decide how much you want to save by getting a bigger or a smaller system based on your energy needs. You also can regulate the amount of heat or electricity you use. In addition to minimizing the power bills, you also can generate surplus energy which you can export back to the grid for bonus payments if your unit is connected to the network.

Although the solar system might seem costly initially, they often provide an incredible ROI in the long run.

No pollution

Harnessing solar energy doesn’t cause pollution. Unlike oil which releases greenhouse gases, the power from the sun doesn’t generate harmful gases that negatively impact the environment. Besides, the solar cells operate silently, so the panels do not produce any noise, making them perfect for home and working environments.

Little maintenance

Since the solar panels contain no moving parts which fail from time to time, they require little to low maintenance all year long. The only thing that you’ll need to do is keep them clean. You also may need to change the inverter after 5 to 10 years since it’s prone to wear and tear due to consistent working. Cables too, need to maintenance, so that your power unit operates at optimum efficiency.

Once you purchase and install the solar power in Brisbane, you can expect to spend very little on repair and maintenance work.

Wide-ranging applications

You can use solar energy for various purposes, from generating heat to electricity. While solar systems are used in homes, offices, schools, hospitals, and so on, they can also be utilized to distill water in areas with insufficient water supply, in places with no access to energy grid or even to power satellites in space.