A while ago, people thought about the sun as the source of heat and light. But today, everyone appreciates the fact that the sun is tapped to provide electricity that can be used in the day-to-day operations of a home.

Solar energy comes from the sun and is harnessed through solar panels. People across Brisbane are embracing the solar power for its ecological benefits as well as cost-effectiveness, dependability, and security. If you’re thinking of installing the panels, but aren’t sure of the application of sun’s energy, we tell you five incredible uses of solar power.

Solar powered ventilation

You can use the sun’s energy to run your home’s floor fans, bath fans as well as the ceiling fans. Air conditioners are widely used in homes to cool down the temperatures, especially during the hot months, and they can quickly raise the energy bills. But if you go solar in Brisbane, you can tap into the sun’s energy, and have it run your AC systems. This way, you get to reduce the utility bill costs. Imagine running your ceiling fans the entire day or night without the stress of being slapped with expensive monthly electricity bills? That’s what you get with solar energy.

Heating your swimming pool

Swimming pools are great recreation source. Both you and your family members may want to enjoy the waters, especially when it’s too hot outside. Sometimes, however, the thought of jumping into cold water can be discouraging. To remedy this, you can use the sun’s energy to heat up the pool, so you that you swim in warm water. The best part is, you won’t need to install any other equipment to achieve this – other than integrating a solar blanket which uses hot water heating panels that are installed on your rooftop to tap the sun’s energy.

Heating your water

You can use the solar power to heat your water instead of using the electric heater, firewood or gas to heat your water. While the initial cost of buying the pieces as well as installation might be high if you’re thinking short-term, it’s a worthy investment as it pays off big time a few years down the line.

Battery charging

Solar in Brisbane can be utilised to charge batteries, which in turn powers hot water pumps, sump pumps, and ceiling fans in your home. You can also use this to charge the video games batteries and more. But most likely, if you’ve got a battery that stores all the energy harnessed throughout the day, you may utilise it in the night to power lots of activities in the home.

Powering your home

You can integrate some systems that will allow you to use the sun’s energy to power your home. Simply install your solar panels to tap the energy and turn it into electricity. This way, the Direct Current (DC) power goes to an inverter, which converts it to the Alternating Current (AC) power that powers your home. By using safety devices like transfer switches and more, your green, renewable source of energy can power your home, cabin, camper, shed, tool or any other building for that matter.