The sunlight the earth receives in one hour can be utilised around the world for a full year. Sunlight is abundant and provides the cleanest energy. How to harness this supply and make it useful to us is what makes the process remarkable. The solution lays in solar panel cells also known as photovoltaic cells (PV). With the increasing need for energy that is clean, the future is certainly going to use solar energy more. Understanding how solar Rockhampton works and knowing the science behind it is important.

Observing a solar panel closely, you will notice that it has tiny photovoltaic cells. Silicon is used to make these cells. It is an element that is found in the crust of the earth and is used in most electronic devices.

Generation of Power

Sunlight contains photons which knock electrons loose from the solar cells causing a flow of electrons. It is this flow that is used as electricity. If the speed at which photons strike the photovoltaic cells is high, then more electricity is produced.

Solar Powered Homes

Solar cells can be combined to make panels or arrays so as to meet high demands of power. Solar energy is versatile because it can power various things in the household from powering heavy machinery to small ones like lights. However, one of the top challenges standing in the way of solar energy is the cost involved during installation. Nonetheless, there is a rise in the residential use of solar energy and more homes will have solar connections in the future.

You Can Sell Extra Energy

The interest in solar power is growing by the day. During its debut years, several states allowed net metering whereby, those who generate more energy than they needed could link to a public power grid. In situations where power is generated more than what you need, you can transmit it into the public grid. In return, you get credited for the contribution that comes from your surplus solar energy. There is a varied rate for crediting to individual suppliers.

Important Definitions

After sunlight converts into electricity, the amount of electricity is measured in Kilowatt (kW). A Kilowatt is the measure of the rate at which power generation or consumption happens. When this power is utilised within a given time frame, it is measured in kilowatt-hour (kWh).

Electricity from the Power Plant to Your Home

All electrical equipment in your home use electricity. Whether it is the television or a coffee machine, they both require electric power. Power transfers from a power plant then convert into a high voltage at a substation and then transported through power lines to various destinations. Next, the high voltages are stepped down into levels you can use at home.

Choose Solar Energy

The electricity you use from a power plant comes at a price. Global warming, high electricity rates, and energy dependence are examples of these costs. However, choosing to use solar Rockhampton is a better choice because it eliminates all the challenges mentioned above. Even though it is costly to install the system initially, you will enjoy its benefits without thinking about electricity bills for a long time to come.