Most of you will surely think of solar panels whenever you hear or think of solar energy. But there are a lot more things that help in producing solar energy. The entire solar power system runs on different kinds of components depending upon the type of the system.

Several brands deal with the best solar components that include solar panels, solar batteries, and solar inverters. Every brand offer component with different types of advantages that make them unique from others. The people who know about the solar power system can easily choose the best from all these options but what about the persons who are new to this?

How can you choose the best solar components?

There are many solar installers in Brisbane, some of them provide expert advice that helps in choosing the best solar power system for home by analyzing the energy needs, location, and the most important your budget. With their years of experience, they will help you in finding the best solar system along with the best solar components that will fulfill your electricity needs for a longer time.

An entire solar power system combines and produces electricity, then converts it into alternating current that can be used by home power points and appliances. Also, store the excess electricity for the use when solar panels will not produce electricity.

Let’s sneak into the entire solar power system components and know how they work when solar energy is being produced.

  • Solar panels

Solar panels are the most popular and visible component of the home solar power system. That’s why I said the first picture comes in mind after hearing solar energy is the solar panel.

You have seen solar panels on the rooftops of many houses around you. It all starts with capturing sunlight and start producing DC electricity from the sun energy. It’s the Sunlight that hits the electrons and solar panels start generating solar energy. If solar panels get heated up more, then they will produce electricity with lower efficiency.

There are wide varieties of solar panels in the market but choosing the best one takes time and it’s a hard job to do. So, leave it on the solar experts that means a visit to the solar installers in Brisbane and they will help you in choosing the best solar panels according to your budget.

Let’s take a look at the technology that is available in the market.

  • Polycrystalline panels- they are made of multiple numbers of tiny crystals and available n light or dark blue color in the market. Polycrystalline panels produce electricity with lower efficiency as compare to the monocrystalline panels.

Polycrystalline solar panels have a lower price than monocrystalline solar panels and available in the blue shades. They are also known as the multi-crystalline.

  • Monocrystalline- they are known for the premium quality in the solar market as their price range is higher than polycrystalline. The benefit of choosing monocrystalline solar panels is that they produce electricity with higher efficiency.

Monocrystalline solar panels are consisting of single large crystals that are darker in color. They have made with the superior technology as a result its efficiency is higher than the other solar technology.

  • Solar inverter

Solar panels produce a direct current of electrical power that cannot be used directly by the power points and other home appliances. To covert, the DC (direct current) power into AC (alternating current) solar inverter is connected to the solar panels and solar batteries.

The inverter is the most working component as compare to the other solar equipment because it has the main work of converting energy all the time. So, it is the only component that has the chance to get change or repair after 10 or 12 years. Most companies give 10 years of warranty against the solar inverter.

There are two types of Solar inverters in Brisbane available in the market. One is string inverter and the other one is the micro inverter. Here are some specifications of both the inverters that will help you in choosing one of them.

  • String inverter- normally string inverter is installed on a wall and it starts converting energy from a string of panels. The best advantage of a string inverter is that it can be replaced easily if anything goes wrong. The best advantage of a string inverter is that it can be replaced easily if anything goes wrong. The rice of string inverter is less than the other solar inverters in the market.
  • Micro-inverter- The micro inverter performs activity the same as the string inverters do but they are installed under each solar panel that is fitted on your rooftop.

The difference is that the number of micro inverters should be the same as the number of solar panels. Normally micro inverters have a better future than the other available solar inverters in the market.

  • Solar module racking

The solar module racking is the component that handles the weight of your solar panels. It allows you to securely attach the solar panels to the roof. The reputed and best solar installers will always use the high-end quality racking mount in the home solar power system.

  • Solar batteries

Solar batteries in Brisbane are used to store the excess solar energy produced by the solar panels and that can be used at nights or on the cloudy days. Solar batteries allow you to go off the grid, which makes your house fully solar and drop down your electricity bill to zero.

It’s up to you, that you want to install solar batteries or not because if you want to make a power grid as your backup then you don’t need solar batteries. But if you want to go solar fully, solar batteries will be your backup. It also drops down your carbon footprints that make the environment clean.

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