Buying a product and maintaining are the two different things. Sometimes we purchase a product but we didn’t take care of it as a result it will turn into a loss for us. The same thing applies to the solar panel system in Brisbane.

It will produce energy from sunlight and installed outside the home, because of weather & climate change you can see dust or dirt easily on the solar panels. This dirt makes the problem in producing energy when sunlight hits the panels. You have to clean the solar panels otherwise it will reduce efficiency and increase your electricity bills. If your solar power system doesn’t fulfil your energy need, you will satisfy your energy need from the power utility grid and then you have to pay for it.

Why do you need to clean the solar panels?

How to clean solar panels easily and safely

If you have installed a solar power system at your home or workplace, it will give you a better output and produce more energy only when you maintain and clean the whole system perfectly. It will not take so much time and money. You only have to choose a day to clean it fully.

The main part of the solar power system that needs to be clean solar panels that are installed on a roof or ground. Most of people think why should we clean our solar panel system?

The main thing that matters is energy production. Because rainwater and dust solar panels get dirty and cannot absorb sunlight properly as a result energy production level reduces.

In most cases, you don’t have to clean your solar panels because dust can be easily vanished by the rain but sometimes lot bird’s droppings take place on solar panels and rain might not clear them properly. In some cases, there are very few chances of rain, in these types of areas the cleaning of the solar panel is a must.

How to clean solar panels easily and safely?

You have two choices, either you can call your solar installer for cleaning and maintenance service or you can go on your own. Many companies offer solar panel cleaning services in Brisbane at the best price. Contact your solar power system installer company, maybe they will provide you cleaning & maintenance service as a part of annual maintenance service. Most people do this cleaning on their own because it can be done easily by just taking some safety measures and by taking care of directions.

1) Take a cool day to clean

Choose a cool day for cleaning because when the hot glass comes in the contact of cold water, the chances of breakage increases. Also on a sunny day, if you will use water to clean the solar panels, it will evaporate very fast and you will end up with frustration. Early morning or an evening would be the best choice because in the early morning the dirt can be removed easily because of dew water remains on the panels.

2) Shut down the entire solar power system

The first step to clean the solar panels is shutting down the whole solar power system. You can go through your user manual if you are not getting the directions properly to shutdown the system. You can also contact your solar installer to get the best directions to shut down the system properly without making any mistake.

3) Cleaning your panels from ground would be a good idea

For the safety of both person and the solar panels, cleaning of solar panels from the ground would be a good idea if possible. Use a hose with the nozzle to spread the water directly on the solar panels so that you don’t have to make more efforts.

4) Apply direct water on top not on the back & gaps

Apply direct water only on the top of the solar panels. Avoid direct water onto the back and in the gaps between the solar panels. This can cause damage to your solar panels and it will cost you heavy.

5) Use soft cloth, mild soap, and a good quality brush for grimes

Don’t need to purchase some expensive and heavy tools for cleaning. A piece of soft cloth, a mild soap, and a good quality brush are enough to clean the solar panels easily. This will save both times as well as money.

6) Don’t climb your rooftop without safety equipment

If you are not able to clean the panels from the ground then climb on your roof only when you have all the appropriate safety equipment and extra person for help. Climbing and working on the roof covered with the layer of water can be very dangerous. So the better way is, either you do it with all the safety measures or equipment or you can simply call the solar panel cleaning company or contact the professional solar installer.

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