Solar energy is making it’s net wider than before. People are now more curious and ready to upgrade their energy sources form a power grid to green energy solutions. But some people are still confused to buy or not to buy because of the high initial cost. If your solar equipment is of high quality, the solar system will last longer.

Now let’s talk about one of the main solar equipment and solar battery. Solar Battery is the best way of storing solar power generated through solar panel system. Off-grid solar power systems require solar batteries as they didn’t have the power grid support for the backup. Excess produced energy will be transferred to a solar battery and used when solar panels didn’t produce.

Daily updates in technology help in making the battery more effective and less expensive. Seeing this many of you put the question that “Can we add solar batteries in our existing solar system?”

The answer is yes, there are several ways to connect solar batteries to your existing solar power system. You just have to contact the best solar power system installer in Brisbane and they will take care of the rest of the work.

How does solar battery works?

Before getting into joining Solar batteries with solar power system first we discuss how solar battery works and how it can make your energy source more efficient.

Solar Panel System grabs the sunlight and turns energy into DC electricity. Then solar inverter starts working and converts that electricity into Ac electricity for use. That energy will be used in your house and offices. In this process when you don’t use that produce electricity or the solar panels produce excess energy, it will directly be sent to solar batteries. Then, whenever you want extra energy than solar panel produced in day time you can draw it from the solar batteries instead of the power grid. This will finish your dependency on the power grid and your electricity bill become nil.

Is it difficult to add the solar batteries to the existing system?

Adding solar batteries to your existing solar power system is possible but the level of difficulty is higher because the wires and connections need to be changed because new connections will be made between solar power system and solar batteries.

Procedure to add solar batteries to an existing solar system

Many solar systems are installed in a way that they can afford to add solar batteries with it. But some are not installed in a way that they can add solar batteries, these are older kinds of systems. There are several ways to install a solar battery with the solar power system.

Storage Ready Solar System

In case you are installing a solar power system because you want to wait for a drop in the price of the solar batteries. A second thing that can be possible is that you want to reduce your upfront cost for now and want to go fully solar soon. A storage ready solar system is the best option in this type of situation or otherwise, if you don’t want to install a storage ready solar system, there are two ways to join the solar batteries into your solar power system.

First option is DC COUPLING SYSTEM

When you choose a DC-coupled system, your installer will replace your inverter with the new inverter called a hybrid inverter that works with Solar battery and a solar power system. Now, DC energy produced by solar panels will charge solar battery and from there hybrid inverter will do its work of converting DC into AC electricity. Now, you can either use the AC power in your house or can send it to the grid.

If you have an existing solar power system at your place and your inverter needs to be changed because of the end of its life. It will be beneficial for you if you replace your string inverter with hybrid Solar Power System.

Second option is AC COUPLING SYSTEM

In the AC coupled system process, your inverter doesn’t need to be replaced but a new inverter will be added to the older one that will charge solar batteries. Now, DC power generated through solar panels will go to the inverter & converted to the AC. Solar inverter sends that power to your home appliances if you are using at that time and to the battery if solar panels are producing excess energy. At last, if your solar batteries get fully charged then the rest of the power will go to the power grid.

Solar batteries that suits your solar panels

Many Solar batteries are designed for small scale use can be easily installed in the existing solar power systems. If your main aim is to make a power backup for the outages battery like solax Power, Lithium battery, LG Chem or GCL new energy is the best solar batteries brands you can buy. However, if your aim is to reduce your energy cost or you don’t want to use the electric power grid as your backup then there are batteries available in the market you can buy and fulfil your requirement.

If you are still confused then you can do one simple thing. Contact your solar power system installer in Brisbane and tell them your system’s configuration, energy requirement, and your plans for the storage. They will surely solve your problem by discussing it with experienced professionals.

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