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One of the main cost-driven factors that all businesses and companies are facing is- High electricity bill. In Australia, price of electricity is much higher, so increases in energy cost are directly affecting their profit. Commercial Solar system is the best option for reducing their operational cost. This time is much better for going solar power systems in Brisbane when commercial solar power system prices falling and increase in government rebates.

Rooftop Solar Panel and solar thermal panel are the reliable and best way to save the environment, money, and protect your business against rising electricity costs. Whether your business is a factory, school, shopping complex, warehouse, etc. That’s the reason why solar panel systems are becoming more popular in Brisbane.

Installing solar panels to generate electricity for your business or organization is the most prominent way to show your client and shareholders that your business really cares about the environment and makes a better place to live in while minimizing its carbon footprints.

Makes Sun Work for Your Business and Organization

Versatile commercial solar solutions

Whether you are looking for commercial solar Brisbane solution or commercial solar system on rooftop, you’ve come to the right place. We offer complete solar panels, inverters and batteries solutions for a range of commercial applications, along with additional warranties and protection.

Our commercial solar panel system is something in between 5kw solar panel system to 100Kw solar panel system. It is the best way to improve the profitability and sustainability of your business.

Sunny Sky Solar, Our passionate in-house of engineers, solar installers and solar designers are specialists in commercial solar panel system in the neighboring state of Queensland like Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast, etc.

We are able to deliver innovative as cost-effective commercial solar panel system solution for the business sector, school, supermarket, and sports club, etc. with the right solar panel that seamlessly works with existing power supply. Our team of experts helps you to decide which solar panel is best for your business and organization.

Interested in solar panel systems for your small and large business? or to know more about commercial solar panel price and details, then give us a call at 1800 801 347 and schedule a free site visit. We will help you to find the best solutions as per your need and requirement.

Our Commercial Solar Solutions Include:

Several sites that can benefit from our commercial solar power systems shown below

  • Factories
  • Small businesses & service operation
  • Commercial real estate & investment properties
  • Large-scale commercial projects
  • Micro grids & Solar Farms
  • School, colleges and Universities
  • Custom based large and small projects

If you have a large roof space, then you can definitely utilize the roof space on your commercial premises and enjoy the benefits by installing commercial solar panel system. We deal with top solar power brands like LG, GCL, Jinko Solar, and Trina Solar. At Sunny Sky Solar, we offer a wide range of large scale solar power system in Brisbane, Australia to cater to the businesses of all sizes. Our team can visit you for a site audit and will tailor the solar system that caters to your exact requirements.

What is Commercial Solar Power System?

The commercial solar power system is a bunch of array of photovoltaic solar panels that supply electricity/power by converting sunlight into solar energy. Commercial solar panels can install on the top of the building and produce enough electricity that helps the whole building work 24/7.

Commercial inverters mainly come in from 2.5 kW to 250 kW and designed in a way that meets any of the business’s requirements of power.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

The Price of commercial solar panel system depends on several factors such as how big the solar panel installation is, based on your energy consumption, orientation, roof space and interval data. Depending on these factors, our team of solar panel installer in brisbane will calculate the optimum commercial solar power system for your business.

Average commercial system prices

System Size Average Price
10kw $12,950
30kw $35,440
50kw $60,810
70kw $82,160
100kw $102,600

Is Commercial Solar System Right For My Business?

  • Greater ROI
  • Immediate cost reduction
  • Minimizes carbon footprint
  • Savings on energy bills
  • Roof shade offers cooling

Why Choose Sunny Sky Solar For Your Commercial Solar System?

Sunny Sky Solar brings over four decades of experience of installing and maintenance of commercial and residential solar power system in Brisbane and neighbouring cities of brisbane. We can offer you:

  • Dedicate Project Manager
  • Leading independent solar installer and retailer
  • Ongoing System Monitoring & Support
  • Turnkey commercial solar solutions
  • Financial options available
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Premium Product range, Over 25 years efficiency warranty on solar panels
  • Complete commercial solar system Quote and design assistance

Advantages of using Solar Power System for Commercial

There are several advantages of using a solar power system which we will outline below. These advantages help you to make the decision to invest in this solar energy source a very easy decision to make.

Cost Savings:

Commercial Solar power system helps you to save thousands of dollars every year on electricity bills by generation free electricity that can be used onsite. Commercial solar panels can reduce electricity bills by up to 90%. Or depending on your solar panel, if your solar panel system produces excess energy than you can sell electricity at an agreed price.

Save the environment:

Solar power is environmentally friendly, doesn’t pollute the environment. By using your own generated solar energy that, reduces your carbon (C02) output and could offset most. So switching your business to commercial solar power is a popular strategy to achieve a certain advantage in their industry and strengthen the relationship between customers.

Low Maintenance

Solar panel system maintenance is lower than the other renewable power source such as hydro-power or wind. The high-quality solar panel from reputable solar power provider incredibly smooth and covered protective coating to guard against damage and comes with a long time warranty and performance guarantee. This means that you will enjoy the benefits of your commercial solar power system for a very long period of time.

Government Incentives

To promote cleaner and environmental-friendly energy, the Federal and state government offer various rebates and incentives for every size of commercial solar installation. It reduces the overall cost of a solar panel system in Brisbane. In Australia, the average government incentive is approx. 30-50% of the system cost.

Looking for more information and advice?

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