It’s good to see people that are moving towards solar energy. The solar equipment is the main highlight in installing a solar power system as it controls the whole system. The main thing in producing solar energy through the solar power system is maintaining and transferring the produced energy. Solar inverter holds and transfers all of the produced energy into house grids and solar batteries in the case of an off-grid solar power system.

Solar batteries are available in two variants one is AC coupled solar battery system and the other one is DC coupled solar battery. Many people are unknown to the difference of these two solar batteries. There are many questions on the internet today like should I buy an AC coupled battery or a DC-coupled battery for my solar power system?

Today you will get all the answers about AC & DC-coupled solar battery and after reading this you will get the idea that which one is best for you.

What is AC coupled solar battery?

AC coupled storage is the main connectivity of the battery energy storage system connected with the solar power system through AC (alternating current). The energy produced by the solar panel system is in the form of DC (direct current) and with the help of a solar inverter, it is converted into AC (alternating current). That AC electricity then transfers into your home appliances and grids to run lights, fans, and other things.

The excess electricity will be transferred to the inverter and it converts it into DC so that it can be stored easily in the solar batteries.

Advantages of AC couples Solar Battery

One of the main benefits of installing AC coupled solar batteries is easy installation, especially for those systems that are old-time fitted storage system. This means easy installation will need less labor force and time and it directly shows it has a lower upfront cost.

There is one more benefit that will blow your mind is that AC coupled storage system can be charged on both the solar panels as well as on-grid. This means you don’t have to worry if your solar panels are not producing electricity the solar batteries will be charged through the power grid.

The AC-coupled storage system provides lower-cost products and installations; the batteries used in this system are available in the market at different prices. SMA Solar Battery, Sungrow Solar Battery, LG, and many other brands provide these batteries at affordable prices you can purchase them from the solar panel installer in Brisbane.

Sometimes because of house change, children study or shifting anywhere else because of the retirement people shift houses. Also, you can add up new appliances at your place or buy an electric vehicle. This will change your energy consumption for sure and this means you have to change your energy source. AC-coupled storage system allows you to upgrade or change the solar system easily.

Disadvantages of AC Coupled Solar Battery

There are some little and negligible drawbacks too, like solar electricity that is stored in the batteries will be needed to inverted thrice before used by the appliances. This inverting process loss minute efficiency because more inversions mean more loss of efficiency in the system.

What is Dc Coupled solar battery?

In a DC-coupled solar battery system direct current flows from the solar arrays to the charge controller that transfers electricity into solar battery. This process shows there is no inversion of solar electricity from direct current to alternating current. The solar panels will produce energy and it will be inverted only once from direct current into alternating current.

In this process, the efficiency of the solar power system remains constant as it is inverted only once from DC to AC. Most of the people prefer DC coupling battery storage system instead of the AC coupling storage system.

Advantages of DC Coupled solar battery

The DC-coupled solar battery system is more efficient and than an AC coupled battery storage system. As we described the DC-coupled solar battery storage system as it converts electricity only once in the process of transferring electricity into appliances and batteries. This provides higher efficiency to your solar power system this is because battery and solar panels share a single inverter to transfer electricity.

Disadvantages of DC Coupled Solar Battery

DC coupled storage system has a major drawback and that is, its process of installing is more complicated than AC coupled storage system.

As the process of installing a DC-coupled storage system is complicated, it will take more labour, and as a result upfront cost increases.

The process is complicated so you have to decide, if you want to save money you have to lower the labour quantity or if you want to save the time and want installation fast then you have to invest more on labour so that the installation is done fast.

Which solar storage system is best for you?

An AC coupled solar battery storage system is the perfect option if you have a pre-installed solar power system at your house. This is because you have already a solar inverter at your place and if you will go for installing DC-coupled batteries storage system. It will take more time as the process of installing this system is complicated and your pre-installed solar power systems get into the wiring defect risk.

If you are planning or installing the solar panel system in Brisbane and a battery system at the same time then a DC-coupled battery system would be the best option.

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