Solar System Finance

Choices Available Through Sunny Sky Solar

Government subsidies plus finance option makes solar more affordable than ever

Along with the subsidy provided through the Federal Government’s Solar Credits Scheme (in the method of RECs/STCs), Sunny Sky Solar provides finance packages to make going solar a possible goal for those who are incapable or unwilling to pay for the complete cost of their total system.

What type of financing is accessible through Sunny sky solar?

For Residential Solar Power System, Sunny Sky Solar provides finance packages through Certegy Ezi-Pay. Financing choices comes at lesser additional charges.

For Commercial Solar Power System, Sunny Sky Solar provides finance through Solar & Energy Finance. Commercial Financing packages may deliver customers with the choice to pay in instalments with interest. This means that the quicker the system is paid off, the lower the final cost to the owner.

To learn more Talk to Sunny Sky Solar energy specialist

Please consult your requirements with one of our friendly solar specialist, and remember that some finance packages may cancelled your eligibility for a Sunny sky solar cash discount.