So, you have finally decided to use a solar system in your house because you have finally found out how beneficial it is. Now, how do you actually have it installed on your roof?

Or, a better question would be — who can do a very good job at installing your solar Brisbane system?

If you are not careful with your choices, you could end up with high expenses, a damaged roof, and poor performance of the solar panels system. Because there is too much at stake when you are installing a solar system, it really pays to take your time to filter out the right installer to do the job. Below, we have listed a couple of crucial considerations that you should put in mind before you even buy the solar panels.

By looking into these things, you can save yourself from the trouble and look forward to an optimal performance from the solar system.

The Installer’s Length of Service

In the industry of solar panels and systems, there are already a lot of companies that have come and gone. If an installer has been in the industry for a considerable amount of time, this would most probably mean that they are reputed and established. When looking for an installer, do a research on their background. Find out how long they have been operating. You can even ask for references and reviews from referrals.

Outsourced or Not?

You have to be careful about companies that say they are outsourcing the installation to other companies. This means that you may have to do a more extensive research to find out about the particular company they are outsourcing the job.

Moreover, you also have to look into how the installer is paying these contractors. This could tell you a lot about the quality of service they have. Remember, most contractors will not know about you and they will just work based on how they are paid. So, ensure that the installer is paying them well so you can be rest assured that they will do their best when installing your solar panel unit.

A Physical Headquarters for Visits

Most likely, an established company will have already invested in putting up a physical office. Try to find out if they have a physical headquarters and pay them a visit. In fact, you should only be looking into companies that have a physical office and do interviews through face-to-face conversations. This way, you can get a better sense of the way they work and the culture that they have.

CEC Approval

One important thing that you should never forget to look for is an approval from the CEC or Clean Energy Council. This council is a non-profit and independent organisation that is responsible for ensuring the practice of clean energy in the whole of Australia.

When you are doing an interview, do not forget to ask them about a certificate stating that they are an Approved Solar Retailer by the CEC to do businesses with solar Brisbane systems. The certificate will only be given if the company shows promising performance regarding their conduct in doing business. So, if they can show this, you can consider hiring them to do the installation for you.