As solar technology has grown, so have the applications and huge number of things that it can be used for. People all over the world have embraced the potential that renewable energy has to power our daily lives. Even simple things are now being combined with solar power to create usable products that are incredibly convenient. The advantages are no longer confined to larger solar projects that require planning and professional consultation to implement. We can now find things at local convenience stores that are powered by the sun. This type of innovation carries more weight than people realize.

It works to normalize renewable energy, and to show everyone how easy it is to integrate it into their lives. Solar power is still very much a mystery or a novelty to people not living in areas with high concentrations of green energy. Fortunately, manufacturers are now creating a bevy of small useful products that show just how easily it fits into our lives.

Solar power has been embraced as a way to reverse or offset the effects of global warming. Global warming has occurred as we have become increasingly reliant on nonrenewable energy sources to power every part of our personal and professional lives. Nonrenewable energy sources include things like coal, gas, and other things that must be harvested from within the planet. These are resources that occur in limited supplies. The more of these things we use, the faster they’re going to run out.

Burning these forms of energy called fossil fuels releases gaseous byproducts that are building up and contributing to global warming.

Whether you’re living in the solar power Gold Coast, or someplace more remote far from sunlight, there are gifts that can showcase solar power’s potential. Many of these are practical, while others are created to be entertaining. With such a wide range of products, you’re almost guaranteed to find something for even the pickiest personalities. Of course, purchasing them a solar power package or whole system would be ideal—but this isn’t always in the budget. Consider some of these alternatives:

Solar Powered Bicycle Locks

If you know someone who’s active and enjoys cycling for fun or transportation, this is a great gift idea. They now make high tech solar powered bike locks that use very little sunlight, and hold a charge for days. Some of these locks can even communicate with your smart phone or mobile device to let you know if your bikes being tampered with, or to allow you to unlock it remotely.

Solar Backpacks

Whether your friend is a hiking enthusiast or a student, this is a great idea. The solar backpack can hold a charge, and allow you to charge small electronics that you need throughout the day. Never worry about your phone going dead on a hike again or having your electronic notebook running low in the middle of a study session. These also make great bags for moms on the go.

Solar Chargers

It seems like everyone has heard about solar chargers, but few people realize how many different sizes and styles these can come in. When purchasing a solar charger, consider exactly what it will be used for. If this is on the go convenience, then a smaller and cheaper model will work. If the charger will be used regularly for larger items, then consider a freestanding charger with several plugs.

Solar Powered Accent Lighting

The majority of these lights are for outdoor use. Small garden lights or porch lights powered by the sun are a fantastic gift for your gardening friends.