Solar energy is the most efficient, inexpensive, and renewable energy. Every one of three houses has installed a solar panel in Brisbane. The question is, which solar power system will fulfill your energy needs and fits your budget.

There are three types of solar power systems –

  • On-tied solar power system
  • Off-grid solar power system
  • Hybrid solar power system

All three of the solar power systems have their spatiality and features that deliver a better source of energy to your house or office. You can contact the solar power company in Brisbane for the consultation and they will advise you the best one according to your energy requirement.

Grid-Tied, Off-Grid, or Hybrid Solar Power System

1) On-grid or Grid-tied Solar Power System

On-Grid Solar Power System

The on-grid solar power system generates electricity using the solar panel system and connects to the power utility grid. Solar panels produce energy through sunlight and provide in the power grid of your house. According to the analysis and researches, most of the households consume energy in the morning and evening and the afternoon solar panel produces most of the energy because of the high level of sunlight.The main thing that makes an on-grid tie solar power system is that when the solar panels produce excess energy like in the afternoon. It will directly send it to the power utility grid so that when the solar panel system will not produce the energy (in the night and on cloudy days), you can use the energy that you have saved in the utility grid.

The utility power grid works as a power backup at your place at the time when the solar power system will not produce energy because of low sunlight.

You can use your excess generated solar energy when needed and for the rest, you will get the benefits in the electricity bills as the government pays for generating solar energy in your house or office.

You can go for the on-grid solar power system in Brisbane undoubtedly if you want to go solar with a power utility grid as your backup. An on-grid tie solar power system fulfills a normal to large household energy needs easily at affordable prices. It is less in price than an off-grid or hybrid solar power system as you don’t need solar batteries or solar inverter in an on-grid solar power system.

You can take advantage of producing excess energy from your solar power system by using the net metering feature. Net metering allows you to sell your excess solar energy to the electricity company by only installing a bi-directional meter with your solar power system. This meter records the transactions of your usage from the power grid and the solar energy you send to the electricity company.

2) Off-Grid Solar Power System

Off-Grid Solar Power System


Most of the people are well known to the solar power system, by installing a solar power system you can easily keep the environment clean and healthy spending less amount of money.

The off-grid solar power system allows you to go fully solar. The off-grid solar power system finishes your dependency on the power utility grid and also makes your electricity bills zero.

Solar panels transfer DC direct current to the solar batteries, for the user when needed. A solar inverter is installed with your solar power system to converts DC (direct current) into AC (alternative current) that stored in your solar battery.

Leas acid car batteries are used to make a battery bank, but these batteries have a short lifespan if used daily. These batteries waste valuable electricity around 20% of the stored energy.

Some of the solar companies make lithium-ion batteries only for solar appliances. These batteries have approximately 10 years of lifespan and decrease the wastage of electricity to 6-7%.

The off-grid solar power system in Brisbane is expensive than the on-grid tie solar power system because of extra equipment like solar battery and solar inverter.

The off-grid solar power system is best for remote or rural areas where electricity is not available or faces heavy electricity power outages. An off-grid solar system can also be installed in the houses who want to get off from the power utility grid.

3) Hybrid Solar Power System

Hybrid Solar Power System


The hybrid solar power system is the mixed version of the on-grid and off-grid solar power system. It is connected to the power utility grid for the backup when solar panels will not produce electricity. If the power grid goes down then you have an extra backup of solar battery.

Solar batteries are used less in a hybrid solar panel system so the life of batteries increases and you don’t have to replace batteries for a longer time and don’t need a generator as your backup. Still, hybrid solar power system is more expensive than the on-grid tie solar power system but less expensive than an off-grid solar power system because you don’t need any additional backup generator.

What to choose?

Choose between on-grid solar power system, off-grid solar power system, and hybrid solar power system is dependent on your requirements and budget. The other things that take care of before installing a solar power system are your energy need and house size because if your energy need is normal or less than normal then you can go for the grid-tie solar power system. It will give you a better money-saving chance and also you don’t have to spend more on other equipment like solar batteries and solar inverter.

Off-grid is more expensive because it needs extra pieces of equipment for use when solar panels will not produce energy. It will cost you more because you have to take care of that equipment maintenance and service.

The hybrid solar power system allows you to sell excess energy to the electricity provider company and also gives a backup through the solar battery when the electric power grid goes down. The hybrid solution lets you save the money on power backup generator but you have to invest money on the maintenance of other equipment.

If you are still confused, then contact the best solar power installer in Brisbane and consult with them, which solar system will suit your energy need & budget. A good solar company provides consulting services to those who want to go solar but don’t have any idea that what type and power of the solar system will fulfill their energy requirement.

Sunny Sky Solar and the solar energy

Sunny sky solar is the leading solar company that provides solar power in Brisbane from the last 15 years. We deal in a wide range of solar power systems such as a 5KW solar panel system, 6 or 6.6KW solar panel system, 10KW solar panel system, and so on. All the solar systems are available in three types that are on-grid tie solar panel system, off-grid tie solar power system, and hybrid solar power system.

Sunny Sky Solar provides consultancy service on the phone and in-house according to your comfort. Our experienced solar experts will discuss with you and tell you the most efficient solar system for you according to your energy consumption and budget.