COVID-19 has given a shock to the whole world and all the countries are fighting against the problems that are coming day by day because of this pandemic. One of the main problems that impact Australia is costly electricity bills during COVID-19.

Are people of Australia is using more energy during COVID-19?

Are people of Australia is using more energy during COVID-19?

By isolating ourselves, we are doing the right thing that is highly needed at this time. But, as the lockdown is increasing because of not reduction in the cases of COVID-19, companies started work from home. As work from home needs system and lights and fans/ AC for a long time, the usage of electricity is increased. Research finds that there is 30% more energy is consumed in the UK during COVID-19 and this happens because of winters. But the people of Australia, not come under these stats and figures because they are getting enough sunlight that helps them using solar energy according to their usage.

Researches and energy consumption figures show that in Australia energy usage rates are not increase from normal usage because most of the people are using solar energy according to their daily energy requirements. Households that are lightening up by solar energy are using more than 37% of their free energy. By doing this they are reducing the costs of their bills in the long run.

What steps are you taking to reducing energy costs?

The households that are not using Solar Power in Brisbane are still paying a good amount on electricity bills in 2020. This is the best time to invest in a good solar power system with the solar battery because that will put a barricade on your electricity bills. This will also ensure that you are ready to deal with all types of seasonal changes. As the lockdown is going on and on or working from home this is now one of the main priorities for the people of Australia.

How can you check your energy usage during COVID-19?

If you don’t know how much energy you are using during the COVID-19, here’s an easy way to check your energy consumption. Some are getting readings from distributer but nowadays some are opting out of these services during COVID-19. So, conducting a reading by you is now mandatory.

How to check your meter readings?

How to check your meter readings

  • By Checking Clock Face

Each of the clocks contains numbers on them, reading from the direction left to right. If the dial is between the two numbers, see the lower one, and ignore the other labels that read 1/10. Your usage is the meter reading minus the figure on your last bill.

  • Electronic Way

Click on the “display” button. Write down each of the reading, if it shows or scrolls downs some of them.

  • Smart Way

The smart way is kind of manual measured and these are recorded every fifteen to thirty minutes. For checking, login to your retail account with your provider and request your data of usage.

Have you got any surprise from your meter readings?

You can get a 6Kw solar panel for home so that you don’t need to do any of these things that waste your time. A solar panel in Brisbane can save you lots of money every month. But during the lockdown because of COVID-19, your energy usage and requirements are increased. For that, I have mentioned some of the things you can take care of while using energy. This can help you to be on the solar energy for the whole day and you don’t need to shift to the power grid.

Tips how Australians save on costly electricity bills during COVID-19?

1) For living rooms

For living rooms

  • Lower the brightness of all the TV screens you have.
  • Use eco-mode or energy-saving modes on every electronic.
  • Turn off the power strips when the devices are not in use.
  • Turn off all the lights and fans while leaving the room.
  • Choose the smallest device for streaming; avoid game consoles that consume ten times more.
  • Power then streaming through your tablet or laptop.

2) For bathrooms and washrooms

For bathrooms and washrooms

  • Regularly check the temperature of the water heater and set it to around 120 degrees. Department of Energy says the heater set at the 140 or above degree consumes more power and can waste up to $60 annually.
  • Turn on the water heater before one hour when you need hot water and turn it off when you finished your hot water activities.
  • Turn off the exhaust fan after 15 minutes of your shower.

3) For laundry room

For laundry room

  • Mostly washers are designed for cold water washing so use cold water in your clothes washer or washing machine.
  • Put a few tennis balls inside the dryer with your load to decrease drying time.
  • Use an auto dry option if you have one in your machine instead of using manual or timer dry.
  • To increase the efficiency and improve the air circulation, clean the lint traps between the loads.

4) For kitchen

For kitchen

  • To run your refrigerator super efficiently and cool, clean the dust from the top of the refrigerator and coils also.
  • Cover the liquids and wrap the food that you store in the refrigerator so that food doesn’t release moisture and compressor works fine.
  • You can lose around 60 degrees in temperature and also waste the energy if the oven door is open while cooking food.

You are at home in the lockdown; it means you are using more energy than normal. No matters you have installed a solar power system or not. You have to follow these things if you want to reduce the costly electricity bills during COVID-19.

If you have an on-grid solar panel system in Brisbane, you can follow these points to your daily routine to save the energy. This will help you in a long time running on solar energy and rest you can use power grid solar panel system in Brisbane will not provide energy.

Don’t want to shift on the power grid after using whole solar energy? Install hybrid solar panel in Brisbane with solar batteries and store the access produced energy into those solar batteries. This can help you in not going on the power grid and you will save you money by investing some of it on a good solar battery from the company that provides the best solar power in Brisbane.

Helping hand by Sunny Sky Solar during COVID-19

Sunny Sky Solar- Solar Power System in Brisbane, with all the possible and legal permissions, handling and solving the problems of costly electricity bills during the COVID-19 by providing you with the best knowledge about how to reduce your heavy electricity bills.

You can find out which Solar Power in Brisbane is best for your house during lockdown according to your energy requirements. If you need any help, the Sunny Sky Solar team will create a plan for your house that will help you in reducing costly electricity bills during COVID-19.