The solar panel system is a beautiful technology that has several benefits and no one can deny that. There are lots of equipment that are used in installing a proper solar power system like the solar battery, solar inverter, solar panels, etc. A smart meter is one of the main equipment that can help you in analyzing the real-time production energy, usage of energy, voltage, and other units.

When you have a solar power system installed in your house or office, you should purchase a smart meter. If you have already have installed at your place then check the model, the first-generation, or the next generation? If you have the one with the first generation then you may see issues while connecting it with solar power system, you can replace it with the latest one. But if you have a next-generation smart meter installed in your house or office then well and good.

Analyzing the thing we are using would be a fine idea to see how good our system is working. With the smart meter, you can check your real time energy usage, output and its cost. A smart meter is an excellent equipment that makes your house a better place with low energy cost as you will consume energy by monitoring of smart meter.

Let’s talk about something more about a smart meter and solar panel and then we will look at how smart panel and solar meters work together.

How does smart meter works

A smart meter is the latest generation of electricity analyzing meter that measures how much electricity you have used and its costing. All this will be shown on an in-home fitted display. Smart meters are installed by your electricity supplier, they will replace it with the traditional meters and you will get the accurate bills instead of estimated.

It runs on a smart data network that automatically and wirelessly sends the units you have used and the units you have fed to the energy supplier in order to take benefits from producing extra solar energy. A display with the meter always shows you the real-time usage and sends reports directly to the supplier once a month.

Why should you need a smart meter with a solar panel?

1)         Smart meter could help you in saving money by motivating you to reduce energy consumption and so as energy cost. The smart meter has an in-home display that is fitted on a wall which shows how much energy you are using at that time. You will see how much you are spending and how much money you will pay after a month, it will encourage you to reduce your energy consumption. You will start saving energy by seeing the units on display and this small contribution to saving electricity will result in saving money.

2)         Having a smart meter gives many benefits, not only control on the consumption but also eliminates the estimated bills as it brings accuracy to the units and this helps in sending an accurate report of energy usage automatically to the energy supplier.

3)         You don’t have to change smart meter every time when you change the energy supplier. If you have the next generation smart meter installed with your solar power system and power grid, you can switch to a new supplier without any issue.

Smart meter and solar panels

Smart meter sends accurate readings to your supplier that how much of solar energy you have sent to the national grid and because of accurate reading you will receive the maximum payment for the energy you have produced through the solar power system.

If you already have a smart meter of first-generation installed in your house, you may encounter a few problems after connecting it with the solar power system. Want to eliminate this problem? Replace the smart meter of the first generation with the new one.

Is there any worth in installing a smart meter?

A smart meter is very important and beneficial with the solar power system. It allows you to control your energy consumption that helps in reducing electricity costs. It has some drawbacks too but not that big, but these drawbacks have solutions.

  • The first drawback of a smart meter is, it may have poor signals sometimes but this is not permanent. It can be easily fixed.
  • The second drawback is, all the suppliers may not support smart meters. But, you have a solution in hand. There is not only one supplier, you can choose from the list which supports smart meters.

Smart meters are so good that you don’t have to save time every month for submitting meter readings. To make energy usage and costs in control, a smart meter is a very helpful gadget.

How smart meter works with government schemes?

Feed-in tariffs, the people who are registered in this scheme can enjoy benefits that government provides. These types of schemes are given to motivate people for shifting towards renewable energy resources. This will reduce the use of fossil fuel and help in increasing the quality of the environment and reduction in energy costs.

Sunny Sky Solar- Smart choice for smart meter

Now when you know how smart meter and solar panel work together and can provide you financial benefits, you can go for the installation of a solar panel system. Sunny Sky Solar offers a wide range of solar power systems that include 5KW solar power system, 6KW or 6.6KW solar power system, 10KW solar power system, 13.2KW Solar power System in Brisbane.

Once you will install a solar panel system at your residential or commercial rooftop, get a high-quality smart meter for the full live information of your energy consumption, its cost, voltage, etc.

If you still have any question/ doubts related smart meter, solar panel and how the smart meter will complement the solar panel then you don’t have to worry about it. Feel free to contact us at 1800801347 and we will provide you with full information regarding the solar power system and smart inverter without any charges. We are available here every time to help you with the solar-related things.