Townsville receives more than 8 hours of sunshine daily. This makes an average of about 320 days of sunshine annually. This sunshine is harness to produce solar energy. it’s time for you to also take the plunge and benefit from this renewable and clean source of energy. The trick is to find a reliable installer to help you on the quest to use solar energy. Let’s look at how solar energy will make your family happier.

No pollution

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy. This energy is harnessed from the sun. It’s a better alternative to energy got from fossil fuels. These are non renewable with a likelihood of getting depleted in future. Additionally, burning fossil fuels leads to carbon emissions harmful to the environment. The best thing about solar energy is the possibility of no pollution including noise. Energy is generated without noise from the sun by the panels.

Low energy bills

An independent solar energy system eliminates monthly power bills. This is because you can get energy for all your energy requirements from the solar panels. You just invest in an initial cost for the system plus installation and enjoy long term benefits of solar panels. These come with a warranty to last about 25 years. Additionally, a solar system requires low maintenance to keep it running more efficiently.

Going green

There is a wave of green living sweeping every where. You too can take the plunge by investing in a solar system. With solar, you will lessen your carbon footprint. The best thing about solar power in Townsville is that it’s a renewable resource from natural sources. The sun can’t get depleted and the energy generated has no significant impact on the environment.


Solar energy is a very flexible option. You can have independent systems in your home for various purposes. You can have a solar array to power your appliances and one for your water heater. Additionally, you can install backyard lights with panels to power them. This level of flexibility offers convenience and cost effectiveness. This is because it doesn’t mean that every system should be installed at the same time.

Government rebates

When you take the plunge to embrace solar energy, you stand a chance to benefit from government incentives and rebates. These are offered by the government to home owners for purchase of solar systems. Making the decision to go solar is a chance to benefit from Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme.

Regular supply

An independent solar energy system ensures that you have power always. The system includes batteries for storing energy for situations when the sun is down. This energy is useful in powering all your appliances. This ensures that everyone at home can keep on doing what interests them without worrying about a power outbreak in the neighbourhood.

Bottom line

Taking the plunge to invest in a solar system is a wonderful idea for home owners and business owners alike. It comes with endless benefits including a chance to enjoy green living. Ensure to find a team of reliable installers for a solar energy system that will meet all your energy requirements.