The importance of solar energy to the world that we live in today cannot be over emphasized.

According to the Huffington post, clean energy investment to developing nations rose by 36% in the last one year. With solar energy getting a big chunk of that investment, it is clear that it’s here to stay.

In drawing from clean, free and renewable energy generated by the sun, we need solar panels. Solar panels draw energy from the sun and pass it to our homes, offices or the electricity grid of a locality. Thus, it would be important to understand how they actually work while checking out the 5kw solar system price.

This piece explains in simple language how solar panels work:

Get to Know the Components

In understanding how solar panels work, we must first understand the components of a regular solar system. They are briefly explained below:

The Solar Cells:

The solar cells are solid state electrical devices that convert the solar energy into Direct Current (DC) using the photovoltaic effect.

PV Cells:

PV cells are made of silicon, and they come in major varieties, crystalline and thin –film cells

Combiner Box:

A combiner box is a medium that allows for an interconnection between solar panels. Thus, for instance, you can join a couple of 12-volt panels together using the combiner box. The combiner box is also the enclosure for series strings or circuit breakers.

Solar Charge Controller:

The charge controller is the component that optimizes the amount of power the PV modules pass into the battery bank. Their major work is to avoid overcharging of batteries.

Solar Batteries:

The function of the battery is to store the renewable energy produced by the solar panel in a chemical form. They come in different voltages, but the most common ones are 6 Volt and 12 Volt batteries.

Solar Inverter:

The work of an inverter is to convert Direct current (DC) from the solar batteries and change them into Alternating Current (AC) which is used by a lot of home appliances.

Understanding How the Components Work

Knowing the components gets us half way there. The other half involves understanding how those various components come together to produce the power we know today as solar power. This process is explained in a few steps below.

The Solar Panel Absorbs Sunlight

The genesis of solar energy generation is when the sun light actually hits the solar panels. Every solar panel makes use of PV cell. When the sun hits the solar panels, the PV cells then generate Direct Current (DC) electricity.

Power Changes Into Usable Electricity

The back of every solar panel contains micro inverters. Their job is to convert the DC power produced by the solar panel and change it to AC.

Net Meter Receives the Electricity

From the micro inverters, power moves into the net meter. Its job is to measure the amount of electricity being drawn from the grid and excess electricity your solar panel is producing.

Actual Electricity Usage

After moving through the net meter, the electricity is then passed into the home appliance for personal consumption.

The understanding of how the solar panels work helps you put things in perspective when you look for 5kw solar system price.