Solar power is a clean renewable source of energy and a much-needed rescue tool to save yourself from the burden of the rising cost of electricity. Solar is the least complicated process to get clean electricity without doing any damage to the environment. It is so flexible that it can be set up at any kind of location irrespective of size and shape. Buying a solar panel can be a bit tricky but with adequate knowledge and information, you can get the perfect fit for your home.

What size solar panel system do you need?

solar panel Size

The size of the solar panel system is based on factors like space and geographical location. If you have an enormous property with large rooftop space then you can get a full-sized solar panel to utilize the space to the maximum limit. Always keep in mind that the size of your panel directly affects its producing capacity, bigger the size, better the output productivity.

Geographical location is another factor because sunlight is the main raw material so if you live in a locality with low sun exposure then it is recommended to get a standard-sized solar panel because a bigger sized would just be useless if it doesn’t get the required amount of sunlight. Always consider both these factors before choosing the size for your solar panel system. Ultimately it will depend on your choice so opt for the perfect option which can be utilized to the maximum.

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How much money will I save using solar power?

How much money will I save using solar power

Saving money from your solar power system is another important aspect that needs a proper examination of your average electricity consumption and the payback period of your solar panel. Once you analyze your consumption ratio it will be easy to choose the right capacity system, which can produce enough to suffice your personal requirement. If this is done correctly, you can surely get rid of your electricity bill and save all the precious money you spend on it.

The payback period is the time in which the solar power system will start paying for itself, this means that solar panels will recover the cost which you’ve spent on it. If the payback period is short you can expect to recover the amount in 3-4 years which is generally in case of the small-sized or mid-sized solar panel system, whereas a big-sized solar panel would take around 5-7 years as a payback period.

Do I need a solar storage battery?

Do I need a solar storage battery

Solar batteries are used to store excess electricity if you need backup on a gloomy day or at night time because at that time sunlight is not available due to which you cannot get power from solar panels, so the solar battery is a type of backup tool for such situations. It gets charged up during the day time and once the sun is out, the power stored can be utilized anytime from the battery.

It might be an excess expenditure for household purpose cause there isn’t much energy consumption in small homes, it is justifiable for a large property which needs extra energy at times. The solar battery is not a compulsion, instead it is a personal preference if you want it specifically for a reason and have that much of budget for your solar panel system in Brisbane.

How do solar panels work?


How do solar panels work

The solar panel has a revolutionary working process because it changes one form of energy into another. It works on the Photovoltaic effect in which sunlight is used and is changed into electricity, this process is done with the help of Photovoltaic cells or better known as PV cells. PV cells are made up of silicon fragments or in some cases from a single chunk of silicon itself which traps sunlight and gets charged up, that charge collectively makes up electricity as there are multiple PV cells in a solar panel.

Solar panels also use an inverter unit which converts the DC from the panel into AC to make it usable for your house’s electric units and circuits. Any excess power if it remains after this can be stored in a solar battery or can be transferred to the power supplier’s grid.

Installation, standards, and warranties

Installation and warranties are some of the external important factors which can indirectly affect your solar panel system. Always look for a certified solar panel installer in Brisbane who is recognized by Clean Energy Council (CEC) in Australia. One of the benefits of buying from a certified installer is that they are trusted and reputed with established track records and experience.

Warranties and standards are crucial to assure the quality and strength of the panel. Solar panels with warranty are helpful for the future, in case of any dispute or issue you can feel free to contact the supplier and get hassle-free assistance and in case of any manufacturing defect you can even get a complete replacement of the panel. Solar panel installers Brisbane always provide such warranties and after-sale services for maximum customer satisfaction.

Solar panel buying guide checklist

  • Analyze your energy consumption pattern to ascertain the output you need to fulfill that usage goal, this makes it easier to choose the capacity of the solar power system which would exactly fit your requirement.
  • Examine the geographical condition of your locality to derive maximum output from your panels, it is proven that north-facing panels generate full capacity output in comparison to other directions.
  • Get approval from the local government authority as in many areas approval is required from authority to set up a solar panel and they also run some councils which help people to understand solar in a better way.
  • Always acknowledge configuration specification of your solar power system in Brisbane before getting it installed, specs like panel size, power capacity, payback time, warranty assistance, etc., are very important to decide.
  • Find the best price by checking with multiple suppliers and try to finalize your purchase from a CEC certified installer only.