If you own solar panels or will soon have them installed, you are likely wondering how to clean and maintain them properly.

There are some basic tasks that you must complete in order to keep your solar panels in working condition, but in most cases, these tasks are easy to do and will not require the assistance of a solar panel expert. How often you need to clean your solar panels will depend on your location and climate above all else. Springtime is usually the rainiest of the four seasons, so cleaning them around that time is likely unnecessary. The summer however, is likely the best time of year to clean them after the yearly pollen around your home has been settled. If your panels get dirty, it is important to get them cleaned again.

In order to properly maintain your solar panels, you will need the following tools.

  • A bucket of water with soap
  • A hose with a spray nozzle
  • A window wiper or microfiber cloth
  • A soft brush
  • A monitoring system for solar power in Sunshine Coast

There are solar panels cleaning kits that you can buy that include most of these items. If you have your panels installed on a roof that has a steep pitch or delicate shingles, consider also buying a long handle to attach to your washing tools.

Dirty panels, if you have not known already, are not able to gather as much energy as perfectly clean panels. Dirtier panels will supply you with less energy for the home, which means getting more energy that you would rely on from your electric company.

Before you start to scrub your panels with soapy water, you will want to remove large debris, such as leaves and twigs. You can remove these objects by brushing them away. From here, use a scrub brush along with your water to start cleaning your solar panels. A handheld brush can be used on panels you can easily access, while a long handled brush is for panels that are higher up. Brushes are abrasive materials, so scrub as gently as possible. Scrubbing too hard will create micro-scratches which can permanently impair their performance. When this happens, you may need new panels for solar power in Sunshine Coast. As you clean your panels on the roof, it is important to not step on them either. If you do not think you are up for cleaning these panels in an effective manner, you can consider getting help from a professional to help you.

After you scrub your panels, rinse them off with your hose. Never use a pressure washer, because the force used will damage your panels. After your solar panels have been rinsed, get a window wiper to wipe them down, or dry them with a microfiber cloth.

If you own a monitoring system for your solar energy, you can take note of the efficiency of your panels before and after you clean them. If there is hardly any improvement made, then there may still be some residue that you can remove from them. If there have been solar panels that you have not been able to reach, consider hiring a trained professional to clean them.

To get the most out of your solar panel installation, and to keep saving money on utility bills, it is important to keep your solar panels clean, so they can collect the most sunlight possible. If you cannot tell how dirty your panels are because they are hard to see on your roof, get a monitoring system and keep track of their performance.