With the recent hike in electric prices people have been contemplating use of alternative solutions that can help save on utility bills. An efficient solar system is one of the alternatives that can address this issue.

It is a totally natural solution as solar energy is generated by using the sun’s rays. The following points need to be considered in getting an effective solar system in Brisbane.

Determine The Requirement:

The first step is to determine the requirement based on the daily power consumption and the estimated solar system projection. The old electricity bills can help in determining your daily power consumption. One thing to be noted is that the power consumption may vary depending on the climate, how hot or cold it is.

Availability Of Sunshine:

Brisbane enjoys a fair amount of sunshine all year round with almost 5.5 peak hours of sunshine per sq. meter every day. The power generation also will be high in the summers and comparatively low in the winters.

Position Of The Roof:

The position of the roof as per the satellite images will help in designing the right solar system solution. It will also help in getting an idea about the position of the rays of the sun and how the solar panels should be installed to effectively generate solar energy.

Size Of The Solar System:

Once the requirement, availability of sunshine and the position of the roof is determined, the size of the solar system required to generate adequate power has to be decided.

Market Comparison:

The next step is to do a thorough research for the solutions available to match your requirement and compare the prices against the quality and other features offered by each model.


After a decision is reached regarding the model to be purchased, a final estimate of the total cost to provide the solar system is given. Apart from that, an indication of the projected return on investment by means of energy savings over a period of time is also given.


Once the estimated price is agreed upon, an agreement is drawn. This agreement covers the product specifications and gives details about the price, the warranty period, the after sales support and maintenance provided by the solution provider.

Customized Design:

The solar panels are designed as per the customized measurements taken on site by the experts so that they can fit well and perform efficiently.


Finally, the solar system is installed on site and tested for its efficiency and performance to ensure that it is performing efficiently.

Investing in an efficient solar system in Brisbane is an effective way to cut down on electric bills by generating solar power with the help of the sun’s rays.