Queensland is the sunshine state and Brisbane, it’s capital has many sunny days. As electricity prices might rise in the future, it makes sense for you to capitalize on the clean, renewable and less expensive energy from the Sun. Here are some other reasons this will add value:

Sunshine Year Round:

Brisbane gets about 5.5 hours of ‘peak sun’ per square meter on average per day, per PVWatts. If you install an efficient, north-facing quality solar system in Brisbane it should generate a substantial kWh every day. Depending on your usage you should be able to figure out the right system for you and generate your own power.

Government support:

The Queensland government has set a target for one million rooftops or 3000 megawatts of solar photovoltaics (PV) by 2020. You can avail of government incentives to install a solar system. So not only do you save on your electricity bills but your solar system costs are also subsidized, which makes for a double win.

Who would benefit most from solar power:

If you are a business operating in daylight hours or stay in your home during daytime, you would benefit by installing a solar system in Brisbane. Excess solar power generated is fed back to the power grid where you might get buyback at rates decided by the power suppliers. This is very nominal so your primary consideration would be self-consumption.


There is enough sun falling on a square of about 50 km by 50 km (or 0.03 per cent of Australia) to provide all of Australia’s electricity . However, technology capable of storing vast amounts of solar energy would be required if all of Australia’s electricity was generated from solar power.

As better battery technologies come into the market, Solar batteries with higher capacities and competitive prices are available. These will allow you to save more on your electricity bills.

Low Maintenance:

Solar panels are built to endure rough weather conditions. Your system installer does an annual maintenance per a schedule they give out. When maintained well these panels last for upto 25 to 30 years which is a great return on your investment.

Property Value:

Investing in a solar system is a onetime capital expenditure. But over its life it reduces your operating costs and recuperates your investment. It is also a real-estate value add – if you plan to resell your home you will get a better price.


You can customise and use solar to power your motor homes, four-wheel drives, boats. Sturdy crystalline solar panels with solid frames are used for mobile purposes. In the middle of the ocean or jungle you will have electricity.

Transportable solar trailers are deployed to power small remote houses.

Independence from the Grid:

Voltage fluctuations in remote areas can damage equipment. You need to invest in devices to protect equipment against these spikes. Solar power systems are a reliable and cheap alternative option to consider.

These are some of the ways investing in solar energy provides value.

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