Solar energy is the best option when you think about renewable energy. It can be converted into numerous forms to serve in our homes and business places. To convert this energy into electricity, you must use photovoltaic panels. You can look for solar panels in Townsville for the best options.

The green energy production process involves quite a complex one but can be understood by breaking down the components as below.

Roof Systems

I bet you have witnessed this. Most solar panels are usually put on the roofs of buildings. The best point on the roof must never have a shade especially when the sunlight is at its best- 9 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon. The power produced can significantly be reduced if there is any shade caused either by trees or any other structures. Power production can be reduced as low as half way if only one of the 36 cells is not getting direct sunlight.

This is why you need to choose experienced installers who will determine the best position for your panel using the appropriate tools. Roofs are made different, and not all are ideal for solar panels. Some solar panels are designed in a way that they pivot depending on the direction of the sun. If panels do not have these features, then you must incline them accordingly.

Solar Panels

They are also called modules. Solar panels have photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electricity.

Photo – light

Voltaic – electricity

From the breakdown above you can see that the word simply means electricity from light.

The positive and negative silicon layer is placed under a slender transparent glass. As the sunlight heats, the electrons are knocked off. The negative electrons are then naturally attracted to the positive side of the silicon cells to make electric voltage that can be collected and directed for use. To collect the current, the solar panels are connected in a series to end up in a single electrical box.


They produce some noise meaning they should be placed strategically to avoid distractions. They are placed close to the modules and connected to help in converting direct current into alternating current that is usable in homes.The inverter is connected to two other vessels to make sure electricity produced by your solar system reaches the devices that are currently in use.

Net Meter

After electricity is converted, it is directed to a power supply system. Here it is ‘net metered’ meaning it decreases the demand for power when the generation is continuous.

More Benefits of Solar

You can lower the utility bills of a building by use of solar. Once installed the maintenance is not a costly affair. Besides, they also help in reduction of air pollution that is caused when fossil fuels are burnt. The other benefit you can bring about if you decide to use solar is the creation of jobs to the manufacturers and installers.Solar panels in Townsville will offer you advice and install your solar panels in the right way for your benefit.