Installing a solar power system is a big investment decision and to run it for a longer time, cleaning and maintenance are important. If you will skip this part, you will lose the solar panel’s efficiency and your money too.

Today we will discuss the most important thing after installing a solar panel system at your home or office that is “Maintenance & cleaning tips of solar panel 2020”. You will learn the importance of cleaning and maintaining the solar system to make sure of long-term benefits.

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Now, let’s direct sneak peek into the solar panel maintenance and cleaning tips. Here are some few great tips that can help you in this process.

Tips for maintaining solar panels

1)        Solar Panel Maintenance Need

As we all know solar panel system doesn’t have any movable parts, chances of rusting and damaging become less and so of maintenance.

2)        Solar Panels should get Direct Sunlight

Always keep a watch on solar panels and confirm that they are receiving proper and direct sunlight for better efficiency. Because the production of energy will become inefficient if any shade comes in between the solar panels and sunlight.

3)        Keep a Watch on Solar Inverter’s Green Light

Keep a regular watch on the green lights flashing in the solar inverter. If they stop flashing, it means you are losing money and energy both.

4)        Analyze and Write Down

It is important to analyze the report of the solar power system, for this, you can write down that how much energy is produced by the solar panels at a consistent period each day. The production level of energy will change according to the climate; you will see a big change on cloudy days.

5)        Monitoring Says Alot

Monitoring the solar system will help you in analyzing how much you are benefiting the environment. Also, you can check how much benefits you are getting from feed-in-tariff schemes.

6)        Check Wall-Mounted Display

The wall-mounted display tells you about timely servicing of solar panel systems. You can check it when you feel it’s time for a service.

7)        Automated Cleaning System

We all have to go to work and didn’t get time for many personal works. If you don’t have the time to clean solar panels to remove dust and other particles from solar panels, you can install an automatic cleaning system that cleans the surface by sprinkling water.

The second option is to contact your solar panel system installer in Brisbane, they will provide you or suggest you the best cleaning service.

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Tips for cleaning of solar panels

Many people question is there any need for cleaning solar panels? The answer is YES, it is very important to clean solar panels on time, and according to the conditions. If you are living at a place where winds are common and dust takes place in the roofs easily then you should set a reminder for cleaning them after a few months.

The main problem that comes if you will not clean your solar panels is that they will produce energy but with very less efficiency because dust takes place on the panels and they will not get the direct hit of sunlight.

I have seen many questions like cleaning differs in the off-grid solar power system, grid-tied solar power system and hybrid solar power system? No, they both need a similar type of care and maintenance.

1)        Kits for solar panel cleaning

There are kits available in the market to clean your solar panel system with safety. It contains biodegradable soap, a wiper to clean water, a brush with a handle and its height can be set according to the distance of your solar panels. After reading giving instructions on the kit, you can start the process by mixing up the water and soap in a bucket.

If you will take anything handy from your storeroom that helps you to reach your panels and start cleaning, it could be a risky choice and can make a hole in your pocket because it is very expensive to change panels.

2)        How & When

The answer to how to clean your solar panel has only one answer and that is safe. The perfect time to clean solar panels is when they are a little bit moist or wet because at that time the dust can be easily removed. If you will try to clean them when the dust is stuck on it then the chances of scratches increased. A wet surface will help you in removing dust and other particles easily.

3)        Never use Rough Sponge or Brush

Abrasive sponge or brush leaves scratches after cleaning the surface, that why solar panel cleaning kit has biodegradable soaps and a soft rag that doesn’t harm panels.

4)        Take Light Weight Material

Don’t take too heavy material while cleaning solar panels. Sometimes people take heavy material to reach solar panels that they didn’t handle properly and end up damaging the panels. It will cost you more if you will do this process without any expert advice. So, the better option is to contact your solar installer in Brisbane and take a full guide of cleaning solar panels from them or opt for the cleaning service.

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