How Pros and Cons of Solar Power System Have Changed in 2020?

Whenever you plan or go to buy a new product or service. You consult with them, who used that service before. Reviews are also considered to check the product benefits. Many questions and queries will arise in your mind before buying residential or commercial solar power system in Brisbane.

Where do I get the best solar power system?

Which is the best solar power installer company?

Before installing a solar panel in Brisbane, you should know about the pros and cons of solar power system that will clear your all the thoughts and intentions of buying it.

Sun provides a huge amount of solar energy to the Earth but you cannot grab it all because you don’t have enough resources that will store all of the solar energy produced. Researches show that solar energy is not only beneficial for the environment but also for the private economy.

In a city like Brisbane, there are enough sunny days in a year that will give you solar energy which can be used for the whole year.

Pros and Cons of Solar Energy

Looking at the advantages and disadvantages of solar power system. After reading this one thing is for sure, you will make your decision to buy a solar power system or not.

Main Advantage and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Advantages of Solar Panel

Disadvantages of Solar Panel

  • Reduces electricity bills
  • Large upfront Cost
  • Renewable source of energy
  • Weather dependency
  • Environment friendly
  • Storage of solar energy is expensive
  • Boost property value
  • Need space
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Moving solar is expensive

Pros of solar power system

  • Reduces electricity bills

Reduces electricity bills- Advantages of Solar Panel


One of the main reasons people go for Solar Power in Brisbane, it reduces electricity bills. It starts to reduce dependency on the power grid as a result electricity bills go down or nil.

People in Brisbane prefer solar panel systems for both houses as well as offices because business also needs profit no matter where it comes from.

A solar panel produces enough energy that will run your house appliances for a longer time in a day. Excess produced energy will directly be stored in the solar batteries (in the case of off-grid and hybrid solar panel system) through the solar inverter and after the sun goes down or we can say in the evening time, the solar battery will provide the energy to the whole house.

The government motivates people to go solar and as a result when you will produce excess energy, it will go to the power grid and you will get the benefits of it in electricity bills. It is done when you will go for an on-grid solar power system.

  • Renewable source of energy

Renewable source of energy- Advantages of Solar Panel


Solar energy is a truly renewable source of energy and it is a never-ended energy source. You are free to use it as much as you can with the help of a solar power system in Brisbane. As per the figures and facts of NASA, Sun will shine around 6.5 Billion of years and offers solar energy.

According to research, Earth receives 120000 terawatts of sunlight or solar energy radiation that is 20000 times more power needed to supply the entire Earth.

  • Environment friendly

Environment friendly- Advantages of Solar Panel


By using a solar power system you will directly control the pollution of the environment. Solar energy helps in reducing the demand for fossil fuel. Fossil fuel causes pollution and makes the environment unhealthy. By using a non-renewable source of energy you are destroying the environment and making it bad for the next generation.

Solar energy also helps in reducing greenhouse gas emissions while generating electricity from fossil fuels. Burning fossil fuel will cause the climate very badly. The solar power system is the best way to keep the environment clean, healthy, and pollution-free.

  • Boost property value

Boost property value- Advantages of Solar Panel


Solar panels are good for the environment but are they boost your property value too?

Nowadays people are very much known to the solar power system and many of them also know that installing a solar power system will boost their property value.

People, those are planning to buy or looking for rent place prefer solar power system installed house more than the non-solar house because they knew it will benefit them in electricity bills reduction.

  • Low maintenance cost


Low maintenance cost- Advantages of Solar Panel


Solar power systems generally don’t need any maintenance for a longer time if you clean them regularly, two or three times in a year according to the steps of cleaning. If you see or feel any risk in cleaning, you can contact the cleaning company and this will cost you a very low (around 50 AUD).

The only part that needs to be changed is solar inverter after six or seven years because it works continuously to convert solar energy into electricity for use. Wires or cables are also needed checkups and maintenance because a big machine (solar power system) is running on them. So, wires can get week sometimes and they need to be changed. So, these are some little expenses after installing a solar power system at your house or office.

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Cons of solar power system

  • Cost

Cost- Disadvantages of Solar Panel


The initial cost of installing is high as it includes so many products to install like solar panels, solar inverter, and solar battery. Apart from this, the installing charges are also counted.

But it’s true, after installing a solar power system, the initial cost of installing will be recovered in around four or five years and you start saving money. And till four to five years you don’t have to take care of the electricity bills.

  • Weather dependency

Weather dependency- Disadvantages of Solar Panel


Now the question is will your weather let you use the solar power system? Because as you know very well the first condition of solar panels, they need sunlight to produce solar energy.

According to the statistics and data collected by the researchers, Brisbane records an average of 283 days of sunshine every year. This clearly shows buying solar power in Brisbane would be the best option. But, the weather will not run according to you. So, a chance of weather change, especially in winters is always a big issue with solar panels. If they don’t get sunlight you will not get the energy to run the appliances at your home or machines at your office. So, for that most of the people prefer an on-grid solar power system. When solar panels will not produce the energy you will get the energy from your power grid.

  • Storage of solar energy is expensive

Storage of solar energy is expensive


Solar energy can be used right away from the solar panel or can be store in the large batteries. Solar batteries are generally used in the off-grid solar power system to store the energy and use it at the time of dark outside. This solution of using solar energy every time is good but at the same time, it is expensive too.

That is why most of the people in Brisbane use solar energy in the day time and they shift to the power grid at night. This can be done in an on-grid solar power system. The energy demand is maxed in the day time so you can meet most of your energy demand with solar energy.

  • Need space

Need space


Your solar power system size will increase according to your energy demand. The more you want solar energy the more you need solar panels at your place.

Most of the people install solar panels at their rooftop for better sunlight. Some people have a problem with space, so they prefer yard but it should be at the place where sunlight will directly hit the arrays.

If you don’t have enough space to install a big solar power system, you can go for the small size or fewer solar panels to satisfy your energy needs.

  • Moving solar is expensive

Moving solar is expensive


It’s very obvious; the solar power system is very heavy machinery. As solar panels are installed on the rooftop mostly, so you may have the problem if you do any changes in your house. Moving solar panels from one place to another will cost heavy.


If you have decided to go solar and go green, the advantages are enough for making a mind to take the first step that contacts the best solar power installer in Brisbane because the disadvantages are not that big, that will change your decision of installing a solar power system.

Where to start?

There are many solar power systems companies in Brisbane. You can Google it, the best solar power system installer Brisbane.

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