Most of the people know solar batteries make a financial difference as the government of Queensland announces the fabulous rebates of around 40%-50% of the purchase cost. They also grant loans without any interest if you are interested in installing a solar power system. Now, they have decided to expand this scheme so that people go for solar batteries.

How solar battery is beneficial?

How solar battery is beneficial


When you install a solar panel system, you got two options. You have to choose either a power utility grid or a solar battery for energy backup. Solar panels produce energy with the sunlight during day time but when solar will not produce energy like in nights or on cloudy days. If you have an on-grid solar power system you have the power grid as your energy back up. If you have installed a solar power system with an off-grid system then you have solar batteries on your backup. You will get the energy to run your appliances from the solar batteries.

How can you get the rebate benefits?

How can you get the rebate benefits


You have to get eligible to take the benefits of the Queensland solar battery rebate. First, you need an approved solar power system retailer who is participating in this scheme. To take the advantages of these rebates benefits many of the solar battery installers in Brisbane who applied for the Approved solar retailer.

There were around 48 signatories in Queensland from the year 2013 to the end of 2017. These numbers rise when around 85 signatories have been added from the starting of 2018. The faster growth of approved solar retailers is beneficial for the solar industry and customers also as they get a wide range of options.

Solar Battery Schemes shows the Solar Popularity in QLD

Queensland sunny weather is the best for installing a solar power system. According to researches, Queensland gets the most number of sunny days in the country (around 260 sunny days).

As fast as people getting familiar with the solar panel system and its benefits the number of solar panels installed houses is growing day by day. According to the recent climate council reports, Queensland has the highest proportion of solar installed houses in Australia. One of the three houses is a solar installed on their rooftop.

How Solar Batteries make solar power system more efficient?

Installing a solar power system at your place is a good idea but storing excess energy for the later use with the help of solar battery is the best idea to save more money with solar.

Most people use electricity in the morning and at night because most of the households have working persons. Kids went to school. At the time of the afternoon, the sunlight is on peak point and solar panels produce the most energy at that time. If you have installed a solar panel with the solar batteries you will reduce your dependency as a result electricity bill will automatically be reduced.

If you want to get eligibility for solar battery schemes and rebates for your house or for a business you can search for an appropriate solar battery installer at

Things you need to get eligible

Some of the things that are needed to get the eligibility of forming a grant of solar battery rebate-

  • You should have owned a personal property
  • You should have the combined household taxable income according to the terms and conditions of the government.
  • You do not have the existing solar panel system.

Are solar batteries is worthwhile?

There are many situations in which solar batteries work perfectly and give a better output to the user.

  1. Continuous power outage- the solar batteries are convenient for the areas that get continuous power outages like rural and the areas where the power grid is not working.
  2. Quite backup solution- the solar battery runs quietly not like those old-time generators that make noises while running and they also cause damage to the environment badly.
  3. Good for the environment- solar battery not only supplies energy quietly and reduces electricity bills; it also has a good impact on the environment. It does not release pollutants in the air and damages it like fossil fuels.

More about Solar Battery Rebate

Solar battery rebates are good for the power utility grid as it allows you to use the energy at less cost. Queensland government is giving out discounts on purchasing solar batteries through approved solar installers. They have set criteria on that basis they give the rebate to the selected persons that are connected with the solar installers that are approved for the schemes.

Why choose Sunny Sky Solar for the Rebates?

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The addition of solar batteries with your Solar Power in Brisbane increases efficiency and reduces electricity bills. You can store the excess solar electricity generated by the solar panels into solar batteries and use it later when they didn’t generate (when the sun goes down or on cloudy days). It means you can use green and clean energy all the time and make you’re surrounding better.

Sunny Sky Solar can supply, install, and maintain solar panels and solar batteries at a reasonable price from the experts and professionals so that your system works perfectly. Proper cleaning and maintenance increase the efficiency of the system.

There are wide varieties of solar batteries in the market of different brands. Common people who don’t know what to choose or which solar battery is best for their place. Sunny Sky Solar deals in the trusted solar battery brands of Queensland that provides the best efficiency and last longer.

The main reason for using solar batteries in Brisbane, QLD is savings on electricity bills and full dependency on green energy. Sunny Sky Solar experts help you in choosing the best solar battery according to your usage and requirements.