Even if you are aware of the many amazing benefits of owning a solar system, there still may be some questions that you would like answered. Here are answered to some frequently asked question to have you make a decision to go solar in the near future.

Does owning a solar system require maintenance?

Solar systems require very little maintenance, although they do come with long warranties. Some light maintenance tasks for Solar power in Brisbane involve cleaning solar panels to make sure they get the most sunlight possible, and managing a monitoring system to keep track of each panel’s energy output.

In case of a power outage, you will need to disconnect your solar system as soon as possible to keep the unused energy still in your power inverter from going to waste.

Why doesn’t a solar system work during a power outage?

When the grid goes down, your solar system shuts down as well for safety precautions. As an example, if a whole neighbourhood were to be without power, a local utility team would shortly arrive to mend the problem, such as fix a broken power line, so that power is restored to the neighbourhood. If by chance your home were to have power while a utility worker were to tinker with a power line, the consequences for that worker would be fatal, to say the least.

How long do solar panels last?

Solar panels are built to endure extreme weather conditions year after year. They can last as long as 25 years, which is commonly the longest warranty available for solar systems. However, solar panels degrade over time, and if solar panels do not last by the time the warranty expires, you could get a new set of panels for free.

Can I add on to my existing solar panel array?

Yes. It is possible to buy solar power in Brisbane with a number of panels and add more at a later date but to save on installation labour costs, we encourage you to buy all your desired panels at once.

Can hail cause damage to solar panels?

An ordinary hailstorm will not harm your solar Panelling. During the manufacturing process of solar systems, they are tested to endure blunt force from heavy objects like melon-sized hail. Most manufacturers should explain to you in a manual or written statement as to what their panels can endure. It is also a good idea to include your solar system onto your insurance plan, as you never know what might actually cause damage to your solar panels and when.

How much weight will a solar system add to my roof?

The average solar panel weighs as much as 20 kilograms. When manufacturing a solar system, weight is carefully taken into consideration, as they are built for the purpose of sitting on a rooftop. If you are not sure if your roof can handle a solar system, allow us to visit your home and analyse your roof before we give you an estimate or suggest which solar system to buy.

Will I eventually need to buy a new solar system in several years?

Like anything with technology, solar systems will continue to have more efficiency and improvements over time. However, there is no reason to buy a newer solar system as long as you own another one that is still working fine. All solar systems create electricity from natural sunlight, and this will not change any time in the foreseeable future.

If you still have questions about solar Panelling or energy, feel free to call or email us anytime.