Solar Panel Safety Tips

One threat to your solar power array that is often overlooked by many homeowners is the presence of opossums, birds, and other critters.
These critters are capable of damaging your solar system in more ways than one, which may lead to trouble
for solar panel owners and a relative waste of time and money. So in this post, we will learn some Solar Panel Safety Tips
about How To Keep Your Solar System Safe from Opossums

Many homes with solar power in Toowoomba have their panels installed on their roof.
This not only just exposes them to inclement weather, but also local wildlife that also lives around the area.
Birds and possums are most commonly the two animals that are known to be detrimental to the safety of solar panels.

Opossums will often nest under solar panels, so these marsupials may be living on your roof and you may not even know it.
They are also known to chew through wires that are exposed or hanging, and when they do this, it can lead to some costly repairs.

Birds can also nest around and under solar panels.
When they do this, they can lower panel efficiency, meaning that you will not collect as much energy from the sun as per your rated efficiency.

But not only can animals be detrimental to solar power in Towoomba, debris such as twigs and leaves can also go where critters also might,
causing a buildup from underneath each panel. Leafs and twigs are flammable, and when electrical wiring that moves power to your home is combined with flammable objects so the end results could at times be lethal. With this said, each solar panel you own makes it much more likely
for a fire to start from your roof.

Solar panel providers can offer you a critter guard for each solar panel you may own.
This will make sure that birds, opossums, and debris will not get underneath your solar panels.
Critter guards are strips of metal wireframes that resemble smaller chain link fences.
These guards are attached to the sides of rooftop panels.

Since solar panels are installed slightly above the roof’s surface in order to vent properly, critter guards are necessary
so that your roof and solar panels are protected. Your wiring is sure to be safe as well, thanks to these special guards.

If you are looking to purchase a solar system for the first time, your solar panel provider will likely mention having critter guards
included in your installation. If you are looking to buy a solar system for your roof, you would like to verify with them that
they will also install critter guards as well. If you already own a solar system but do not have critter guards,
there are many manufacturers of critter guards that you can buy from, either online or in a regular store.

Whether you are looking to have critter guards with your new solar system or an existing solar system,
you would like to make sure that these guards are installed by a qualified professional.

Despite how easy they may look to install, installing them yourself can be rather dangerous, not only to yourself but your solar system.
One wrong move, whether it’s a bump of a panel or disconnected wire can be a detriment to your whole solar grid.
It is always the best option to let a trained solar panel installer do this job for you.

Solar panel experts can design the most ideal plan for your current living situation, which can include critter guards for the home, if necessary.
Almost every solar system that is mounted on a roof will need them.