The technology for solar energy has been growing by leaps and bounds over the last few decades. It’s now become common place to see solar panels on homes and businesses throughout our towns. This is no longer considered some sort of experimental technology, but has really grown into a mainstream energy source. This is because of the availability and the usability of solar panels. These panels can be positioned around your home to absorb the photovoltaic energy being generated by the sun. This energy can then be converted into a wattage that is appropriate for the appliances in your home. These panels will be wired into your home and can send the energy directly to your internal electrical grid. Any electricity that is unused can be sent back to your city’s electrical grid. You can then receive a credit for the electricity that you sent back. There are also ways to completely wire your home to become independent of the regular electrical grid. Regardless of which system you use, there are money saving opportunities be had.

If you don’t like the idea of sending your excess energy back to the city’s electrical grid, there are solar batteries that can be used to store it for a later date. Solar energy is becoming more and more popular as we realise the damage that continuously burning fossil fuels is doing to the environment. Global warming has become an extremely real problem for people all over the world. This has started a real interest in renewable energy forms. Solar energy remains at the forefront of renewable Energy Technology. This is because of the widespread availability, and the potential that it has for powering our homes and businesses in the future.

Not every area has optimal exposure to sunlight. This doesn’t mean that photons aren’t reaching the earth, it simply means that they’re not reaching the earth in a concentration heavy enough to generate the necessary electricity. If your solar panels can only be in direct sunlight for a few hours a day, then you may still find yourself completely dependent on the traditional energy grid. Fortunately, even the traditional energy grid has started showing a real interest in solar farms. This is where the importance of storing the solar energy really comes into play. If you choose to purchase solar panels in Brisbane, make sure to ask about their solar Energy Storage options as well.

Solar batteries have become the newest focus for scientists studying solar energy all over the world. They understand the importance of Energy Storage, and have started to focus more of their resources on developing a better system. This has progressively led them away from the Chemical Storage options and directed them towards thermal technology.

Traditional solar batteries can only store a very limited amount of energy. A company in Nevada called Solar Reserve has discovered a way to provide power for nearly 75,000 homes after the sun goes down. This huge desert facility uses 10,347 mirrors to collect and store enough heat from the sun to liquify a substance called molten salt. The molten salt must remain at a temperature of at least 450F to remain in its molten form. The salt is used to heat water in order to create steam. That steam powers a huge generator for ten hours- even after the sunlight is gone. By the time that this stored energy runs out, the sun can start the process all over again.

The batteries that you’ll use for backup power in your home may not be that sophisticated- but they can certainly help when the need arises.