Solar energy is a fantastic way to use the renewable energy provided by the Sun. The sun is constantly sending photons down to the surface of the Earth. We’ve discovered a way to harness these into photovoltaic energy, and then to convert it into a wavelength that is appropriate for our appliances. This is done using large solar panels that are exposed to the Sun for prolonged periods of time.

These are generally wired to your home, and comprised of different materials that are known to absorb and conduct these photons. This energy is then transferred to a solar inverter that converts it into that appropriate wavelength. Some people are fortunate enough to also have solar batteries that can store this energy for later use. It really depends on the kind of solar setup that you have, and how its integrated into your community power grid.

Some homes are capable of operating completely independent of the power grid. This is when they have enough solar panels with enough sun exposure to power their entire home all the time. It’s also a good idea for these people to have several different solar batteries to keep things up and running just in case. Other types of solar setups allow the resident to actually send solar energy back to the electric company for a credit on their bill. Either way, you’re saving a great deal of money and doing something positive for the Earth.

So why doesn’t everybody have solar energy? Well, some people were concerned about the cost. Over the last two decades solar energy has become more affordable than ever before. It actually pays for itself in less than a year in many instances. Another reason is because people fear for their home’s curb appeal. They look at the big bulky framed solar panels that take up portions of people’s yards, or the ones that sit very conspicuously on rooftops. These can be off-putting, and actually drive some people away from solar energy. They don’t want to give up any part of their yard, and they’re afraid that these bulky solar panels are going to make their home look bad or weigh down their roof. Fortunately, new and improved technology has practically eliminated any objections to the style. You can now find solar deals in Brisbane that will completely accommodate anything that you’re looking for. These are just a few of the newer and more stylish solar options:

Solar Tile

New roofing materials have been made that consist of completely flat solar tiles. They perform the same function, but it’s almost impossible to discern these from a standard roof. If anything, they actually look sleeker and more professional. This solar tile technology can be carried over into other applications. You can now Place flat solar panels in your yard where they don’t stick up and block the Sun from other things. These can still be very effective as long as they’re placed in full sunlight and you’re not obstructing them in anyway. You can also find frameless Sleek solar panels that can set up on your roof and actually add to the Symmetry and Design.

Custom Framing

There are times when you can also frame your solar panels in materials that tie them into your home. You can match the trim on your solar panel to the shutters on your windows, and other relatable factors. This adds an element of style, and really helps to pull everything together. This makes the solar panels look like a part of your home rather than a technological intruder.

Regardless of your needs, there’s definitely a solar product out there for you!