The day of depending on fossil fuels for your daily energy needs are over. The electricity that you use at your home run all your appliances is generated from coal driven systems. The amount of pollution generated from the electricity plants is very high, the coal reserve in the world is going to be exhausted pretty soon, the prices of electricity is higher than ever eating into your earnings and it is supposed to get higher in the future and you have to be dependent on the electricity providers.

The cleaner, a better alternative is to use solar energy as the source of electricity. It is affordable, efficient and environmentally friendly. The installation of Brisbane solar panels, inverter and power grid should be left to professionals and you can reap the benefits of it.

Why go for solar energy

There are quite a few benefits of installing solar power generators in your house. Some of them are –

  • It is a clean and renewable energy source, so you will not run out of solar energy
  • It is affordable. The total cost of acquiring the parts, assembling them and then installing them is low compared to what you have to spend on conventional sources of electricity.
  • It is very low maintenance. Once installed, very low annual upkeep is required to keep the solar power generator running efficiently.
  • It is as hassle free and environmentally friendly as it can be. It is absolutely sound free and emission free source of electricity.
  • With rapid technological advancements in the field, it is going to be cheaper and more efficient in the near future.

How solar energy works

You do not need to operate any kind of complicated machinery once you have installed the solar panels, inverter and power grid. It works on its own and requires very little maintenance. Brisbane is ideal for solar power usage with so much sun all around the year. The sun’s photons activate the solar panels which convert them into electric signals. The direct current or DC signals are then taken to the inverter by connecting wires.
As your house operates on AC or alternating current, the inverter converts the incoming DC signal to AC signal. The AC signal is then used all throughout your house.
If there is any excess electricity generated, it is fed into the power grid, consisting of batteries. On the cloudy days, the house would take its power from the grid.

Installation and finance

It is fairly easy to install the solar panels. You should leave the installation to experts and professionals. They will guide you to choose the best power package for your need and then help you with installation as well.
The Federal Government has subsidy rates for the use of solar panels. Additionally, the installing companies provide financing options as a part of their services as well. This is a one-time investment and you can enjoy the benefits of it for a life time. It can be also considered as your contribution towards keeping the environment clean, which is why the Federal Government has subsidised rates for Solar Panel installations.

There are different types of solar installations that you can opt for. Solar installations are beneficial for both domestic and commercial usage. Depending on the electricity needs of your building and the amount of area available suitable for installation of solar panels, different capacities of solar installations might be suggested to you. The most popular ones are the 6kW and the 5kW solar installations.

When you try to get solar panels, inverter and power grid get quotations and offers from a few companies, compare them and then only go ahead with the installation.