1. Prices mentioned on the website are applicable for a standard install. See below for details. Specifications for a standard install.
    • A) House should have the following features: Single storey house, Pitched roof and the meterbox should be up to date as per following specifications:
      • Fibre fire-proof back board.
      • The casing should be made out of metal and not wood/chipboard.
      • No loose wires which should be neatly tucked.
      • No old ceramic switches – only circuit breaker switches.
      • Enough space should be available to install an isolation switch.
      • Please refer to ‘Australian Standard AS-6002-1999 Domestic electric meter enclosure’ for further details.
    • B) Property should be within the 100 km form Brisbane city.
    • C) Install address must:
      • Have clear, unhindered vehicle access for our installers.
      • Have a completed home not under construction with wiring/power supply complying with current electrical standards.
      • Have a suitable location for the inverter.
  2. The advertised price is only valid for tin roof (Flat roof not included) & single storey house. Extra charges will be applicable for tile/flat roof or multi storey property.
  3. The advertised price is applicable if the Solar system purchased is eligible as per the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme and you agree to assign the rights of the STCs to Sunny Sky Solar.
  4. The price advertised is not applicable if you require finance.
  5. Sunny Sky Solar has tied up with solar & energy finance and Certegy Ezi-pay for finance payment options.
  6. Finance approval is subject to lending criteria as determined by finance provider. Sunny Sky Solar will not be held responsible if finance is not approved by our finance provider.
  7. Sunny Sky Solar will beat any competitor’s quote by 5%, provided it fulfils the following conditions:
    • A. Must be an formal quote and not a verbal quote or an email confirmation.
    • B. The price quoted by the other company cannot be a liquidation sale price.
    • C. The price guarantee can only be redeemed once per customer.
    • D. The price guarantee offer is applicable only for the metro areas (as defined in section # 1-B above)
    • E. The price guarantee is only for products with the exact same model number and specifications as the Sunny Sky Solar product.
    • F. The price guarantee only applies to currently stocked items.
    • G. The price guarantee does not apply to trade prices or commercial quantities.