What does the future of solar energy look like? How will it change the world, and can it save more than just money? These are all incredibly important questions, and ones that scientists hope to answer in the very near future. Our non-renewable energy sources are failing.

Looking at any highly industrialized country can give you a glimpse of the future if we do not break free from the use of fossil fuels. In countries like China that have highly developed industrial centers, there are people and workers who are forced to wear a breathing mask just to walk to the store. They limit the use of vehicles, and changing weather can force people to stay indoors to avoid breathing excess pollution. There are certain cities in California that have been effected in similar ways by the constant emissions from industry and travel. This oppressive haze hangs over these cities in a grim reminder of our dependence on fossil fuels.

There is a solution. Over the last few decades we have begun to make huge strides in the development of renewable energy sources. The most abundant and prevalent of these happens to be solar energy. The sun is constantly sending a stream of photons to the Earth’s surface. These photons can be captured by solar panels, and trapped as photovoltaic energy. This is then sent to a solar inverter that converts this energy into a frequency that can be used by our standard electrical devices. There are batteries, and more complicated systems available- but that’s really the basic concept. The sun shines, we capture it, and we use it to power our lives.

It has become possible to live completely free f the traditional power grid. This is more than just a way to tighten the belt on your energy budget. This is a way to completely change the way that we interact with and impact the environment. It’s not too late to reverse some of the effects of global warming, and taking action now is more important than ever. This has led to the development of residential solar power providers like solar power Townsville. This companies have everything you need to get started with solar energy. The future of solar energy is going to take off as the need to renewable energy sources becomes increasingly urgent.

New innovations are being made every day. This is evidenced in things like the solar shingles that have released by Elon Musk, and the residential batteries that can be used with them. Some of these batteries hang so beautifully on the wall that they are difficult to distinguish from art. Instead of just attaching solar panels around the home, we are now seeing the actual integration of solar collection devices into the structures themselves.

This isn’t just limited to houses and commercial buildings. The integration of solar technology is taking place in all types of vehicles as well. The most recent victory came in the form of an around the world flight completed by an entirely solar powered plane. The wingspan had to include an incredible number of solar panels, but they have proven that it can be done! Other countries have also begun to incorporate solar energy into their infrastructure. Street lights and signs can now be powered by the roadway itself. These “solar roads” are used as constant collection surfaces for photons. This energy is then used to power the stoplights and other devices surrounding the area. This has worked to cut down on the use of fossil fuels, and the cost of energy for the consumer. New technology is being devised all of the time, and can only get better from here!