Recently electric prices have been increasing sharply and this has resulted in solar systems becoming quite popular in many parts of the world. Australia also has a reasonable demand for solar systems. A 3 KW solar system cost online will depend on several factors which need to be considered.

On an average, a 3000 Watts or a 3 KW system has the capacity to generate 13.2 units daily under favorable conditions. This is sufficient to provide for the electrical needs of an average household. However, the actual amount of power generated will depend on how the panels are positioned which means the tilt angle and the orientation play an important role in generating more or less power.

The other contributing factor is the location of your residence, whether the area is shaded or not and the seasonal variations. A solar system depends on the rays of the sun to generate electricity. Hence there will be more power generated in the summers and in locations where the rays of the sun are at the peak.

It is advisable to do a thorough research to find out how many units your household consumes daily before deciding to buy a solar system. This is because the lesser you are dependent on electricity, the more you will save on your electric bills.

The price of a solar panel will range widely depending on the brand, quality, size, features, rating, number of panels, warranty period and other factors that will vary from one system to another. It is not necessary that the cheapest one will be the best for you as it might lack some important features that might be useful.

The quality of products is categorized in 3 tiers depending on the manufacturing process followed by the manufacturer with tier 1 being the best of all 3.

Investment in a solar system is not small and hence it is necessary to compare all the options available to you. Choose the one that is most suitable to you. Recently the prices of solar systems have reduced to quite an extent due to the subsidies and rebates offered by the government.

A good quality 3KW solar system cost online would be around $3,500 at a minimum and can be as high as $6,000 after deducting the amount of subsidy. You can expect an increase of about 20% on the price if you also plan to purchase a good micro-inverter.

On an average a 3KW solar system saves about $180 to $220 per month by reducing the electric consumption. Hence in most cases, the solar system pays back for itself in about 3 to 5 years. Some people also benefit by selling the surplus power that they are able to generate to others who need extra power.