The solar energy industry has gone through several drastic changes over the past few years. From India to the United States, large companies have taken advantage of solar energy’s perks and benefits.

With the global economy on the decline, countries are taking measures to save money and go green, while preserving the earth’s most precious of resources for both residential and business entities. From solar firms in Rockhampton to giant corporations in London, everyone sees opportunities in investing in solar energy.

Current statistics have listed the countries that produce the most solar energy. Here are the 9 most productive solar energy countries from around the world:

9th: Australia – 12 gigawatts

Australia’s solar productivity has jumped from just hundreds of megawatts in 2009 to nearly 6 gigawatts in 2015, a number which has doubled since then. Solar firms in Rockhampton, Melbourne, and Sydney have been starting solar power projects to generate megawatts of power. Our nation has taken wonderful strides in taking advantage of its exposure to the sun.

8th: France: – 13 gigawatts

France’s healthy economy is what leads to the nation taking the 8th spot on this list. President François Hollande partnered with Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi to form the International Solar Alliance.

7th: England – 14 gigawatts

2016 was the first time solar energy passed coal in energy usage in England. English government has also taken liberties to use solar energy to support homes and schools.

6th: Italy – 22 gigawatts

Solar energy currently makes up of 10 percent of the country’s total energy output, and could rise to more than 20 percent by the year 2020. Italy in the past has been known to import energies from other countries, but recent commitments of solar energy hope to reduce this trend.

5th: Germany – 48 gigawatts

Germany has made a lot of waves over the past few years for their commitments to solar energy. As an effort to cut carbon emission, the country has taken strict measures to ensure that 60 percent of the country receives at least one source of renewable energy by the year 2050. Germany is home to 30 power plants that generate at least 20 megawatts a year each.

4th: India – 57 gigawatts

Only been investing in solar power since as early as 2011, India has been heavily banking on new solar technologies that will be planned to come to fruition by the year 2020. In 2017, the World Bank donated a billion dollars to India simply for research and development on solar energy alone. It is expected of India to jump to 100 gigawatts of usage by the year 2022.

3rd: Japan – 63 gigawatts

A worldwide leader in technology manufacturing, Japan has been an early adopter for solar energy and continues to push the envelope when it comes to coming up with innovative creations and ways to produce it. By 2050, 10 percent of the whole nation is projected to run on solar power.

2nd: United States – 85 gigawatts

With the right manpower, skills, technology, and environments, the USA is ever so capable of utilizing a ton of land for solar farming. With economic recession hitting in 2008, homeowners and company owners have been looking for alternatives to save money on utilities.

1st: China – 130 gigawatts

China is the most populous country, and it also one of the world’s most unsanitary. This impression has certainly outweighed China’s recent efforts to undo its underwhelming reputation. Just last year, China has increased solar productivity by 80 percent, and aims to entirely run on solar energy by the year 2030.