Renewable energy is undeniably the direction that we’re headed in to power our lives. These energy sources have begun to pop up in every single corner of our world. Not only is this a sustainable answer to our energy crisis, it’s also an incredibly interesting career field.

This is an industry that’s growing just as fast as we can come up with new concepts. There are untapped ideas, and multiple opportunities for smart and dedicated people to shine. Solar power is one of the facets of renewable energy that has grown exponentially over the last two decades. The sun is one of the most easily harnessed and widespread sources of energy on the Earth. This makes solar energy a great place to begin a career.

The use of solar energy has continued to grow at an amazing rate, and this means that it’s a great field to consider pursuing. Getting in while there are still new discoveries being made can give you an edge in the industry. You could inadvertently find yourself on the ground floor of a new revolutionary technology that changes the way that the world uses energy. There are positions for every skill level and interest. Help manufacture a sungrow inverter, or work in a lab testing new collection methods. Consider some of these jobs in the solar power industry:

Solar Research Scientists

This is a more specialized occupation within the solar power industry. Becoming a research scientist requires a Doctoral degree in the field, and involves a real dedication to one’s work. These are the men and women who use everything from physics to chemistry to come up with the complicated equations that help us to better understand how to harness and use solar energy. Many of our breakthroughs start here. Research scientists create theories and work to prove them. They can help us understand the evolution of solar energy, and the ways that we can maximize it to our advantage. Ideas start here, and are then passed along to engineers.

Solar Engineers

These are the people who specialize in designing solar power devices. They can take the findings discovered by the research scientists and design a physical apparatus to apply them to. Engineering is a highly skilled field, and solar engineering takes years of study. Engineers can also see how their designs will relate to other factors in the industry. This means that they will have to figure out how a new solar cell can be integrated into a home collection system- or how a new storage device can be applied to a solar farm. This is another profession that works on the innovative ground floor of solar energy.

Manufacturing of Solar Devices

This is an incredibly broad branch of solar development. Many people think of manufacturing and they imagine a bunch of people on an assembly line. This definitely isn’t the case with solar energy. There are several very complicated and specialized components that go into solar power. The cells must be created by one group, and prepared for their electrical attachments. This requires welders and electricians who are specially trained to create the pieces needed.

There is some repetitive factory work, but quite a bit of the manufacturing process also requires skilled professionals. Once the pieces are finished, inspected, and packaged- they can be passed off to companies for sales or installation.


People who work in the sales of solar energy have to have an in-depth knowledge of exactly what their product can do. This allows them to recommend products and upgrades where they’re needed. Installation is the last step, and involves the placement and attaching of the solar devices.