One of the biggest and best perks about owning a solar energy array is the fact that you do not require to maintain them every now and then. As solar systems come without any moving parts, these installations do not degrade over time. Each year, new solar panels that are made last a little longer than the models that have come before them. As solar panels are now made with monocrystalline silicon, they will keep around 90 per cent of their original efficiency after a long 20-year span.

Here are three things to do to ensure that your solar panels in Sunshine Coast are well maintained.

Undergo regular inspections.

Most of the time, solar panels are installed in places that are vulnerable to damage as well as the elements of nature. It is a good idea to get a thorough inspection of your solar panels from time to time. This will help you be sure that your solar panels do not lose efficiency to buildup from pollen, dirt, or another material. The dirt you find on your windows could also be on your solar panels, so make sure that they are cleaned.

Undergo cleanings of solar panels.

Normally, you can count on rainfall to moisten your solar panels and keep them clean. This is especially helpful when your solar panels are installed at a tilt or slope, so that dirt, dust, and pollen can slide right off when it is rainy out. If it hasn’t rained in weeks, and you notice a buildup of pollen or dirt on your solar panels, you can clean them yourself with the water you have at home. Some homeowners will just spray water from their garden hose, and that usually gets the job done.

Try not to get the glass on your solar panels in Sunshine Coast scratched in any way. This will create a reduction of light that reaches the solar cells inside the panel. When you choose any solar panel cleaning product, it is always necessary to never buy any cleaners that are considered to be abrasive.

Detergents can also cause problems, as they are capable of leaving streaks and smears which will limit how much light will get to the solar cells as well. Rubbing alcohol that is dissolved in water will eliminate oily residue and dirt that is stuck on the panels’ surfaces. To wipe down panels, be sure to use a squeegee or soft cloth.

Analyze energy usage.

Because your’ net metering is arranged by your local utility company, you may not need to check your own energy usage. You electric company can show you how much energy you will sell back to the grid every month. The caveat to relying solely on their statistics, however, is that you do not have an indication of how much energy you are creating from your panels. Therefore, it is important to consider an energy monitor.

There are many kinds of energy monitors that you can buy, so that you can track your energy usage, from the standalone device, a desktop computer, or your phone.

There are even some inverters that will come with energy monitors that include unique features like cumulative data and live power output levels. More upscale inverters can even translate your kilowatt-hours into kilograms of carbon dioxide that you can save, which will show you how much you are reducing the carbon footprint.

Are you considering buying a solar system in Sunshine Coast? Talk to a solar panel expert for what steps to take in order to bring solar to your home.