Going solar in Queensland is a wonderful option. It takes choosing a reliable installer to enjoy the amazing benefits from your investment. Availability of energy efficient home rebates in Australia caused a rapid shift to use of solar systems. However, it also attracted some unscrupulous installers who cut corners to keep up with demand. This article has tips on how to choose a solar installer who meets standards before going ahead with the solar installation project.


You must consider the company’s reputation and experience in the business. It pays to work with a company which has been around for some time. Companies which have been in business for a few months are not a good option. These might be aiming to take advantage of government rebates. They usually have no intention of offering quality service including aftersales.


Ensure that the company has a Clean Energy Council accreditation. This is a legal requirement for all solar installers in Australia. The company should also be registered with an ABN or ACN number on all their invoices and contracts. Furthermore, your solar installer should be fully bonded and insured. It should cater for workers’ compensation, public liability insurance, and professional indemnity.

Quality products

The solar installation company should offer quality products. Equipment such as inverters and panels have to be TUV certified. The panels must have triple bypass diodes which come handy in case you have more than one string of panels, or there’s shading. Furthermore, your installer should offer guidance on how to benefit from solar rebate in QLD.Small Energy Certificates will give you returns on every megawatt of energy produced by your system in the next 14 years. You can also benefit from the Renewable Energy Payback Scheme.

Experienced electrical installers

Another great way to choose a reliable solar installer is to select a company with experience in installations not just selling solar equipment. This guarantees that you get quality installation of your system. A company which handles electrical installations understands safety protocols involved with solar electricity. It gives peace of mind that you will get high quality and safe installation.

Professional team

Working with a company which sends a professional team gives peace of mind that your installation will go hassle free. It’s a guarantee that the right cables and accessories will be used to minimise losses. This also helps to maximise the amount of power generated by your system. You can always bank on professional installers in case you need assistance with your system.

The takeaway

As noticed above, that’s an overview of some key aspects to consider when choosing a professional and reliable solar installer. This is a great way to benefit from the solar rebates offered to homeowners for going solar in Queensland. Keep those tips in mind for a smooth and hassle free solar installation. You will save on energy bills, play your part in protecting the environment plus increase the value of your home.