The discovery of solar power’s ability to be used as a prominent source of energy has brought about a major revolution in the view of sustainable development across the globe. Solar energy, as the widest source of energy, proves to be the most applicable solution to the energy consumption rise while still dealing with environmental degradation.

The process of conversion of solar power into usable electric energy involves the setup of an entire solar panel system that consists of an assemblage of numerous parts and machinery. The most important part of this setup is the solar inverter. The inverter is the major machinery that is used for the conversion of a variable direct current (DC) output from a photovoltaic rooftop solar panels into the usable frequency of alternating current (AC). This AC can then directly be connected to the electrical grid of the electrical network.

Accounting for the cynosure-type presence of a solar inverter in a solar panel system, it is highly essential to go for the best quality of solar inverters when installing the system. The durability, efficiency, quality, price, maintenance cost and a number of key criteria have been studies for multiple brands and the best have been listed for you here.

Before going through the top listed solar inverters for your solar power system setup, take a walk through the major types of solar inverters that are available.

Types of solar inverters

  • Off-grid/ standalone inverters

The off-grid or standalone solar inverters work by generating electricity from solar panels and then use it for charging the solar battery through a solar controller. The off-grid solar panel system uses an off-grid inverter and is not at all connected to the power grid. The standalone inverters work on the electricity produced by the sun and then stored in the batteries.

  • On-grid/ grid-tied inverters

The on-grid or grid-tied inverters work by taking DC power and inverters it into AC power, thereby facilitating the power feeding into the electric utility grid. Grid-tied inverters are designed to take up DC supply and invert it into AC power grids to which they are connected, unlike the off-grid type.

  • Hybrid inverters

The hybrid inverters are the latest versions being used in solar panel systems. They can combine solar inverters and battery inverters into one simplified unit. The hybrid inverters allow you to store off-peak energy that can be used during peak times. They work with solar batteries to store excess power to be utilized when the direct source is unavailable.

List of top 5 solar inverters

  1. Fronius

Fronius Solar Inverters

Fronius Solar Inverters

With slick and highly reliable product lines, Fronius has gained for itself a good stature in the market. Standardly, Fronius inverters come with a 5-year warranty and with the snap-in design that allows discrete installation. The inverters from Fronius also offer wifi monitoring of your systems and come with a wide array of other prominent features.

Purchasing Fronius Solar Inverters in Brisbane, Queensland can enable you to double the warranty years to ten thereby proving online shopping a preferable option in this case.

At $2500, their 5KW Solar Inverter option is currently one of the most highly-priced but for all the justifiable reasons, backed by its commendable features.

  1. SMA

SMA Solar Inverters

SMA Solar Inverters

Despite Fronius surpassing them in recent years, SMA still remains one of the most premium manufacturers of solar power inverters. This German manufacturer has constantly aligned its product lines with the emerging trends in the solar power industry.

The new single and three-phase SMA Solar Inverters come with substantial upgrades as compared to the older models. It is now easier to control the system remotely owing to the advanced diagnostic and mobile application feature that they come with.

SMA inverters price around $1950 for the 5KW variant and come with a ten-year warranty.

  1. ABB

ABB Solar Inverters

ABB Solar Inverters

Tracing its history to as back as the early 1990s, ABB has been an old player in electronics. With a comprehensive pattern of product lines, the solar inverters UNO and TRIO are the next generation solar inverters. With ten year warranty, both the variants come with standard features that blend exceptionally with the emerging trends and upgrades.

UNO and TRIO offer options that support three-phase and single-phase power. ABB inverters are high in efficiency, high input voltage, wide DC input voltage range and have a detachable control unit.

All ABB off-grid, Grid or hybrid solar inverters come with a 5-year warranty that can be extended to 10, 15 and 20 years for a certain fee amount. With a maximum efficiency of 97%, the inverters by ABB are comparatively less priced than other premium brands.

  1. Goodwe

Goodwe Solar Inverters

Goodwe Solar Inverters

Goodwe is a leading manufacturer of solar inverters and also lays a strong foothold in other energy storage solutions. With their products installed in nearly 100 countries across the world, they provide world-class solutions and inverters for residential rooftops and commercial solar panel systems.

It has also been ranked in the top ten solar inverter manufacturers by Bloomberg. The inverters have a five-year warranty and are known to commendably attend to the varied needs of residential and commercial solar systems.

  1. SUN grow

Sungrow Solar Inverters

Sungrow Solar Inverters

SUN grow stands by its commitment to providing modular, flexible and affordable solar solutions, including technically advanced and economically feasible solar inverters. Available in multiple variants, the inverters by sungrow are highly reliable and preferable pertinent to their lower pricing when compared to other top brands.

Sungrow solar inverter is an innovation leader in the industry, filing around 1500 patent applications every year relating to inventive findings. With clean power consumption strategies, sungrow products facilitate sustainable development for all.


When looking for investing in a major energy source change, it is highly essential to make sure that the equipment pieces used in the system are the best, facilitating reliability, durability and least maintenance. The above listed top 5 solar inverters for residential and commercial solar panel are the best when assessed with respect to the major factors that define their ranking and choosing accordingly will surely be beneficial.