There is never a better time to invest in solar energy, with the costs of living and utilities getting higher and higher. Solar systems are not “one size fits all” products, however, you have several options available to you, and there are some types of solar systems that will suit you much better than others.

With that said, look no further than a reliable and cost-efficient 3kw solar system which will be ideal for the typical family in Australia. More common than a 2kw solar system, these are good for regular sized homes with regular sized utility bills. When it comes to solar energy, you pay more for better quality. 3kw solar systems will generally be sold for around $3500 to $6000. You can try to look for systems that are below 3500 dollars, but beware. There is almost always a catch for cheap solar systems.

It’s also great to know that if something were to go wrong with your system, the expenses needed to repair or replace it will be covered. That is why it is more than necessary to get a good warranty with your big purchase. Good 3kw solar systems come with long, satisfying warranties that provide great protection for long term use. One, two, even five year warranties are useless for how long a solar system is typically supposed to last, so do not be fooled if you see a warranty this short.

While most solar systems give you the option to add more solar panels to it later, a 3kw solar system will usually come with 12 solar panels. This solar system will typically generate over 13 units per day. This is the same as two thirds of electricity used in the average Australian household, so you would be pleased to find out that you could pay as little as a third of a normal electric bill every month from now on. However, if your home uses a lot of power, a larger solar system may be more suitable.

The amount of power that a 3kw solar system would generate would be determined by two key factors: Your location and the position of your system. Some parts of Australia will receive more sunlight than others, which means you can store more or less solar energy depending on where you live. If you get a lot of sun, you will tend to store a lot of power during the summer and winter months. Solar panel installers will inspect your home to see how you can get the most sunlight for your solar paneling, so do not worry for the most part.

A 3kw solar system can save you as big as 200 dollars per electric bill. It is worth mentioning, however, that savings will happen to average out at around 120 to 180 dollars, which is about two thirds the electricity that the average home uses.

Do not be discouraged from buying a solar system upfront. If you buy a decent 3kw solar system, it will start to pay for itself within 3 years. You will save money starting day one, however, as solar energy offers instant payoff through smaller utility bills.

To compare the 3kw solar system with the biggest system available, a 10kw solar system will cost up to 15,000 dollars. Owners of these gargantuan systems will receive up to 40 solar panels that generate around 44 units per day. These systems are ideal for large homes that pay around 800 dollars monthly in electric bills, and can tend to save in between 500 to 700 dollars a month.