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10kw Solar System Brisbane

10kw Solar system Brisbane – Pricing, roof space, RIO, maintenance?

Paying close attention to the energy crisis that our planet is going through and ascertaining the magnitude of devastation that energy consumption is about to do to nature in the coming future, this is high time that energy consumption should be moved from non-renewable to renewable resources that would also prove to be environment friendly and regenerative in nature.

Assessing the available energy generation resources, filtering them by the specification of coming from renewable natural resources, the solar power system is the best alternative that we have in front of us.

The most cost-effective in the long run and extremely beneficial from the environment point of view, solar system are being deployed by households and numerous industries to make up for their growing energy needs.

Many households often have this assumption that because their energy consumption is slightly more than what a normal household would require, a generic size of the solar system would not be able to produce as much energy as they require or that the installation of an appropriate solar system that matches their requirement would be a costly deal to make.

10kw solar system brisbane is the answer to all such households and small businesses that are keeping back from going solar because of such concerns.

10kw solar system Brisbane pricing?

Opting for a 10kw solar panel would be a fine choice to make considering the energy generation capacity and cost-effectiveness of the system.

10 KW solar panel in Brisbane is efficient enough to produce electricity for powering large households and even small to medium offices and businesses.

Around 25-30 solar panels system of generic size will be required for a 10kw setup.

If the retail company offering 370w panels(Jinko, longi or other good brands)
in that case, you have to get 27 to 28 solar panels. 27 x 370w solar panels will make your system size 9.9kw which just little less than 10kw system. There will be no significant difference in the output of the 9.9kW solar system and 10kw solar system. 1 less panel which around 1.68m x 1m dimension save your roof space or if you have multiple split.

10kw solar system Brisbane cost you between $5490 to $6990 after STC government rebate.

This is the cash discounted price if you choose to go with finance
in that case this cost might be slightly different.

There lots of price variation in the 10kw solar system.
Totally depends on panel brand, inverter, other solar system module, finance option, installer, the location from Brisbane CBD and retail company reputation and willingness to serve you after installation.

Standard example: You decide to with big retailer to get the 10kw solar panel quote, they might offer you cheaper panels and single-phase Chinese B grade inverters around $4500.

Best way to go for quotation, find out answers for below questions.

  1. check you got the single phase or 3-phase power supply at your place.(Find out how to check you got the single phase power supply or 3-phase)
  2. check your electricity bill and figure out how many kwh electricity you using during different season.
  3. Do you have any plan which might increase your daily energy need?
  4. Get rough idea about your roof space and roof direction.
  5. Any shading issue?

Now you got the some basic information about your energy requirement. So contact reputed solar company Brisbane and provide them above details.

10kW Solar System For Home

When it comes to generating power for larger than normal households through solar systems, the 10kw solar panel system is the best variant
that comes up.

With a considerable size and capacity to produce energy enough for meeting the needs of large households, a 10kw solar panel system for a home will meet all the requirements in this case.

Off-Grid Or Grid-Connected 10kW Solar System in Brisbane

Once you have decided to deploy a 10kw solar panel system for home 
or business, the next step is to choose
whether you want an on-grid that is a grid-connected variant or an off-grid type of solar system.

The major difference between an off-grid or grid-connected 10kw solar system in Brisbane is that the grid-connected variant is
connected to your grid’s power system or utility company i.e. your solar system is tied up to the local utility grid
however, the off-grid solar power in Brisbane is the one that is not connected to the local utility grid or utility company in any manner.

1) Grid-connected 10kW solar system

The grid-connected 10kw solar system comes with power connectivity and does not have an added power backup.
This variant continues the generation of energy even when the Solar battery and grid are not connected.
The reason why many people opt. for the grid-connected 10kw solar panel is that this variant lets the additional power run back
to the gird that lets them earn credits by the government.

Another additional benefit is that the grid-connected solar system is devised in a way to consume the electricity that
it itself produces thereby serving away for more energy-related savings as energy consumption increases.

2) Off-grid 10kW solar system

The benefit of implanting a 10kw solar power system for home is that its battery backup is quite sustainable and works well even in the low light areas.
The off-grid solar system variant is the perfect fit for farmhouses or other developments located in remote or rural areas.

They can easily generate surplus energy to meet any sort of energy deficit that occurs, owing to the highly efficient batteries that are used in the system.

A key point to be noted here is that the off-grid 10kw solar system is comparatively expensive with respect to the on-grid-connected variant because of the high efficiency of batteries used.

How Much Space Does a 10kw Solar System Need?

10kw solar system requires substantial space for installation which is generally sufficed by the roof of the house.
Generally, 30-40 solar panels are required to set a 10kw solar system for the home.

Calculating the size of each solar panel with respect to the number of panels required it comes out that
approximately 50 to 70 sq meters of roof area are required to set up a 10kw solar system.
Make sure to opt for the 10kw solar power system Brisbane only from trusted and reliable dealers and get the best solar panels.

How Much Energy Can a 10kw Solar System Generate?

In generic terms, a 10kw solar power system can generate energy enough to facilitate the power requirements of a larger than normal household.
In terms of energy production, it can approximately generate 40 to 44 units a day.

This is a figure that can be obtained if the system functions efficiently and seamlessly, however, there are two other major factors
that determine the energy generation capacity of a 10kw solar panel system for home– the geographic location of installation
and the angle at which the solar panels are placed.

How Much Does A 10kw Solar System Cost?

There are a variety of brands offering different ranges of 10kw solar system package at various costs, however;
a reliable and trusted provider would charge you around $9000 to $14000 for a 10kW setup.
Here, it is essential to know that the higher the price is the better will be the post-installation support and maintenance.
You can take up a perfectly crafted 10kw solar system package and avail benefits.

How Much Can You Save With A 10KW Solar System?

Even though the initial installation cost of a 10kw solar power system is high, the high price is made up for by energy
and monetary savings that it offers even within the initial 3 to 5 years. You can approximately save around $400-$600
by installing a 10kw solar system.

Why Choose Sunny Sky Solar?

Sunny sky solar has over the years come up as the most trusted and reliable brand name when it comes to solar power systems.
Facilitating a range from commercial solar panels, residential solar panels to hybrid solar inverters,
they commendably deal in solar system packages too.

Providing the best 10kw solar power system in Brisbane, they also offer 13.2KW Solar Power System,
5kw solar power system, 6.6KW or 6kw solar power system.

With trusted efficiency, best offers and a wide variety to choose from, Sunny sky solar is indeed the best option to choose
when it comes to solar power systems and related devices. You can be assured to get the best 10kw solar power system in Brisbane.

We will make sure you will get the best solar power system as per your business requirements.
Call us at 1800 801 347, or contact us online today for a contact of solar panel counsellors.

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    We had a solar system installed from True Value Solar(No more in the business) back in 2013. The inverter was broken recently and looking to replace it. I rang Sunny Solar and they provide us with great advice without any cost. Save our $800. Great work guys.
    Matt Howey
    Matt Howey
    20:12 11 Mar 21
    Excellent service and high quality install. In fact our neighbour is sparky and he is also very impressed with Sunny Sky Solar work.
    Leena Arora
    Leena Arora
    11:28 21 Sep 21
    The team from Sunny Sky Solar is experienced - they know the product and easy to deal with. The services and the price are both great.
    Frank Lam
    Frank Lam
    21:04 12 Feb 21
    "Sunny Sky Solar is the best company ever"Our solar system was installed to perfection and is producing great results! I can highly recommend Sunny Sky Solar and the team for your solar needs. Anna and Jonny were always easy to work with and came with solutions that met our needs. Thank you guys for your awesome work!!
    08:59 01 Nov 20
    Very professional and pro-active. Competitive prices and very professional job. From quote to installation everything was done within a week. Highly recommend these guys.
    Anil Kumar
    Anil Kumar
    02:11 29 Sep 21
    Jonny of Sunny Sky Solar and his Installation Team of Electricians and Installers have provided us with excellent pre and post-Sales Support and Additional Enquiries for our Solar System. The Onsite Team had demonstrated very coordinated and work-efficient manners to us, and we were so pleased with their job well-done that even our neighbour so-observed and mentioned that our Installations of Solar Panels could be completed so quickly. Our 10kW Fronius 3-Phase Inverter recommended by Jonny has been working very efficiently and problem-free. We have full confidence in Jonny and his Installation Team in providing frank and accurate advice, valuable discussions, and efficient solar-related services for any of our friends who wish to take full advantage of Solar Energy usage in Australia.
    Esmond Seetoh
    Esmond Seetoh
    15:08 31 Aug 21
    We install 6.6kw system with JA 390w panels and sungrow inverter. System is producing more than we expected despite some shade issues. Installer did an awesome job and set up wifi after install.
    11:39 21 Sep 21
    The main reason I chose Sunny Sky Solar is because of the reviews they have on here. Very professional team, they're quick to deliver, and the install is neat & tidy! I'll never have to pay for power again! Thanks guys.
    Kane Vestey
    Kane Vestey
    20:52 12 Feb 21
    Great service..very easy to deal with and very efficient . Very impressed all round.Thanks
    Shony Poulton
    Shony Poulton
    06:06 12 Feb 21
    Once again, Anna has impressed me by her professionalism and friendliness. If you have any questions or doubts, she is always one phone call away to put your mind at ease. I installed my 1st Solar system through Sunny Sky Solar in Aug 2017. Without any hesitation, I installed my 2nd Solar system for my new house with them again in Dec 2020! The whole process was so quick and easy. Installation team was very professional and prompt! They have set the bar for their service to the highest standard! what you read on these reviews, I can totally vouch that it is true and definitely 100% guarantee that you will be satisfied with their excellent services!
    Surya Sudrama
    Surya Sudrama
    02:29 19 Feb 21

    Most Preferred Solar Power System Packages

    6.6kW Solar Power System

    Medium Family
    • Average Daily Generation: 20 to 22 kWh / Day* (Units )
    • Average Payback Period: 2.5 to 4 Years
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    10.5kW Solar Power Systema

    Large Family
    • Average Daily Generation: 20 to 22 kWh / Day* (Units )
    • Average Payback Period: 2.5 to 4 Years
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    13.2kW Solar Power Systema

    Large Family
    • Average Daily Generation: 20 to 22 kWh / Day* (Units )
    • Average Payback Period: 2.5 to 4 Years
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