What is a solar panel?

The solar panel is a device that captures the sunlight and provides you the pure and cleanest electricity. It fits on the rooftops and connects with your public utility grid. When your public electricity grid does not supply the power, your solar power system will work automatically, and you will never face the darkness.

A solar power system can be installed at residential as well as in the commercial area. The solar panel system mostly comes with around 20 years of warranty, but it is very durable that it lasts up to 40-50 years.

Types of solar power systems

  • On-grid solar power system

  • Off-grid solar power system

  • Hybrid solar power system

On-grid solar power system


On-grid solar power system

The on-grid solar power system generates electricity when you have a public utility grid connection in your house. They need to connect with the power grid for use and can send the excess power generated back towards the electricity grid so that you can credit it later. On-grid solar panel systems are the most cost-effective and can install very easily.

Off-grid solar power system


Off-grid solar power system


The off-grid solar power system works when you are not on the power grid. In an off-grid system, batteries store the power generated by the solar panel and use it when the power grid is not available.

Hybrid solar power system


Hybrid solar power system


A hybrid solar power system works perfectly in the rural and remote areas where the public electricity grid is not available. A hybrid solar panel system includes solar batteries for storing the power generated by the solar panels, a solar inverter to monitor or indicates the power supply, and a solar charge controller to control the voltages and a better amount of power.

Components – Solar power systems

  • Solar panel


Solar panel



Solar panel or PV module is the most common component used in all the solar power systems. The solar panel made of solar cells and glass, which collect the photovoltaic energy from the sunlight to produce DC or power and transfer it to the inverter for the use.


  • Solar inverter


Solar inverter


When solar panel transfers the DC power, you cannot use that power directly. Solar inverters help to convert DC power into AC power and make it for use for your appliances.

  • Solar battery


Solar battery


Solar batteries used only in off-grid or hybrid solar power systems. In on-grid, you don’t need any battery because your solar panel system works when you connect to the power grid. Solar arrays help in storing the solar power and supply that power at the time when you are not on the power grid.

  • Solar charge controller

When solar panel produces solar energy, it comes in non-stable voltages and watts. The solar charge controller helps in maintaining and monitoring the voltages and watts for the use. It prevents battery from overcharging, overflow, and reverse flow of solar energy. Want to know more about the solar charge controller?

Why cleaning solar panel is so important?

The solar panel needs direct sunlight to produce more energy. But wait!!! Why you need a bath or face wash? Obviously, to remove the dirt. The same thing happens to the solar panel. Dust, rain, snow, and sometimes bird droppings build a layer on a solar panel that can minimize the production of solar energy. According to a report of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, dirty solar panels lose efficiency by 25%, but if you are clean them on time, it results in a 3-5% increase inefficiency.

How often you need to clean your solar panel?


How often you need to clean your solar panel?


How often you need to clean your solar panel is depended on the weather and climate condition of your environment where you live.

If you live in a snowy place, keep clean the snow and don’t make it cover your panel. In desert areas, clean your panels after storm or winds to remove the dirt and sand from them.

First, mark a date on your calendar according to the seasons and check according to the reminder you set.

How to clean your solar panel safely?

How to clean your solar panel is just your choice. You have several options

  • Contact your solar power system installer.
  • Search for a solar power system cleaning company/agency.
  • Do it yourself.

In a city like Brisbane, most people do it by own. But you can contact your solar panel installer company and fix a date for cleaning. If they don’t provide cleaning services, they may recommend a cleaning service company. Or if you want to do it yourself, you need to know and make sure to take care of these things

Tips for maintenance

  • Make sure your solar power system is facing direct sunlight and absorbing correctly. Shades can disturb the production of solar energy.
  • Monitor the inverter’s indications to ensure that the solar power system is working correctly.
  • You can make data to check how much energy is producing daily. It is beneficial to maintain the solar panel system.
  • By checking and monitoring the daily data, you can see that your motive for benefitting the environment is going well or not.
  • Automatic cleaners would be a good idea to clean your solar power system. It is a kind of sprinkler system that fits on the array.
  • Rusting or break down issues is not a reason to maintain the solar panel system because it doesn’t have any moving parts.

Tips for cleaning

  • First, contact with your solar panel service provider and take a guide book from them for safe cleaning.
  • You can buy a solar panel cleaning kit, which includes a wiper, a brush with a long handle rod, and a biodegradable soap.
  • Cleaning solar panels is not an easy task. Clean your system when they are a little wet. It helps in removing dirt or sand quickly.
  • Never use hard material like an abrasive sponge for cleaning; it may leave scratches on your panel.
  • Hard or harsh material can break or damage the panel. Panels need the right amount of money to repair.
  • As I mentioned above, use a long-handled brush to clean the solar panel for the safety purpose of others around you.
  • Put safety first. Use a harness or something like rope for support, if you are cleaning the panels from the roof.


I see and read many questions on the internet. Why or do solar panels need cleaning?

The answer is yes. Depending on your environment and climate, your solar panel system needs cleaning. You can contact or take advice from your solar panel installer or call the solar panel cleaning company.

If you installed a solar power system in Brisbane, then you don’t need to be panic. Sunny Sky Solar offers cleaning and maintenance services by experienced staff and quality based cleaning products with all the safety measures. Contact now for an appointment.

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