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When choosing a Solar Power system for your residential and commercial use, mostly people choose either a grid solar power system or an off-grid solar power system.

But there is a third option, which is a hybrid solar power system. Most people don’t know about the hybrid solar power system in Brisbane. They only go for the on-grid or the off-grid solar power system. The hybrid solar power system is an advance version of on/off-grid that comes with the extra battery storage that helps when your solar panels face the darkness. You don’t have to depend on the power grid because your solar batteries stored energy will provide you the electricity.

It is a combination of both off-grid power system and the grid power system. The hybrid system describes as grid solar system with extra battery storage and off-grid power system with utility power backup. This means that even during night, blackout you still have the electricity instead of buying electricity at a higher price.

The hybrid solar power system can provide the flexibility of storing extra energy in batteries that can be generated during day, instead of feeding from the utility grid. The hybrid system means that your solar panel, inverters, battery are interacting with the utility grid system. It is the best and affordable way for both residential and businesses to lower their electricity bills and move towards eco-friendly energy independence.

The hybrid solar power system is best for those who live in rural or we can say our of the town area. Those who don’t have any public electricity grid facility can adopt the hybrid solar power system in Brisbane. Sunny Sky Solar is the best solar power system installer in Brisbane that works with the installation experts who work with the dedication.

In a hybrid solar power system, you can enjoy the full benefit of solar energy produced by the solar arrays because the excess power supply will be stored into the solar batteries.

Sunny sky solar provides installation service of hybrid solar power system in both residential as well as commercial areas.

At Sunny Sky Solar, we can supply, install, maintain your residential and commercial solar power systems in the neighboring state of Queensland like Brisbane, Gold coast, Sunshine coast, etc at the best price available in the market. We can also help you to convert your grid solar system, off-grid solar system to hybrid solar power system.

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Why Should You Opt For Hybrid Solar System?

It’s a big question, why you should opt for a hybrid solar system instead of getting an off-grid solar system
or Grid Solar system for your home and business.

Solar Power System in Brisbane is the best solution for every business because it automated power backup
during the night or grid power off. Even more advantages of using Hybrid-Solar Power System that is shown below.

  • It reduces your carbon footprint and electricity bills up to 90%.
  • Hybrid Solar power Systems store solar energy and low-cost electricity for later use.
  • It is less expensive than an off-grid solar power system.
  • This system works even when the utility grid is not available.
    With this system no electricity or power cuts problems.
  • The hybrid-solar system increases the value of your property
  • The maintenance cost of a hybrid-solar system is lesser than the traditional generators.
  • They can be used for advanced energy management concept for solar power generation.
  • It integrates an advanced battery management system.
  • Solar rebates also reduce solar power costs.
  • It reduces electricity consumption from the grid
  • Electricity is available during night, blackout or grid outage

If you have high energy usage then, Hybrid-solar power systems are a good deal and must be considered for your home and business.

Equipment for Hybrid Solar Systems

Hybrid-Solar Power Systems are based on the following equipment.
The system uses these components to manage the power supply to your residential and commercial efficiently and effectively:

How much more does a hybrid Solar Power cost?

As compared to standard or on-grid solar system how much extra can you pay for a hybrid-solar power system?
It basically depends on how much solar batteries you required. Overall you’ll pay double for a hybrid-solar system.

At the time of writing, a good 5Kw solar power system will typically cost around $8,000-$10,000
depending on the brand, location and battery storage. If you want a 10kWh system then you pay $20,000 to $25,000
for the complete solar system.

How does a Hybrid Solar System work?

Just like other traditional and grid solar power system, this system draws solar energy during the day.
Any excess energy that solar system produced, that stored in solar batteries.

If there is an excess amount of electricity that you are not using it would go to the grid after charging the batteries.
This excess electricity goes back to the grid at your current tariff rate.

If the Sun goes down, then your home will use the stored electricity that your solar system generated all day.
If you need an excess amount of electricity then the amount your battery has, then you draw electricity from the connected grid,
until then your solar system producing electricity.

Hybrid-Solar Power System combines both solar and battery.
Which means it is capable of powering your home and business as well as charging batteries while the sun shines.

Now you have three sources of electricity with the hybrid-solar system:

1) Our 1st priority is Solar Panels.

2) Our 2nd priority is Battery bank.

3) Our 3rd priority is the Utility Grid.

This is the time to save on your monthly electricity bill with a hybrid-solar system, with Sunny Sky Solar.
Our professional team strives hard to provide you with the best solar power system which fulfils all your need and requirements.

We offer complete solar panel, inverters and batteries solutions for home and business.
We take care of all aspects like maintenance and repair.

Whether you need a commercial and residential solar system in Brisbane, our team is always here to help you.
You can trust us to design & install high-quality solar power systems with the top-grade equipment from trusted brands
like GCL, LG, SunGrow, JinkoSolar, and many more. Our team will help you to find the best solar system for your home and business.

Our team works together collaboratively to deliver you the best hybrid-solar system that is user-friendly and easy to maintain.
If you have any doubt related to the hybrid solar system, then contact the experts, Sunny Sky Solar today!

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