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13.2KW Solar Systems | Complete Solar Power System in Brisbane, QLD


Solar Panel Systems are widely used as the trend of sustainable living has rapidly grown. And what’s the best way to maintain that sustainable lifestyle within your residential capability? The answer is the solar power system. At Sunny Sky Solar, we offer the most affordable 13.2kw solar system in brisbane.

Because of the compatibility and several size options to choose from, residents can install the setup within their premises.

Data over the years show that there has been an increase of over 50% in the solar power consumption rate in Australia.

This has created a boom in the solar industry because of which there are wide varieties of solar panels available to offer more sizes and power configurations so that the consumer can choose the perfect fit for their property.

Makes Sun Work for Your Business and Organization

Whether you are looking for residential and commercial solar panel system in Brisbane, you’ve come to the right place.

We offer a complete range of solar power system which includes a solar panel, solar inverters, solar charge controller and solar battery along with additional warranties and protection.

The most commonly installed type is 13.2kw solar power system in Brisbane. 

This is highly preferred by people in Australia because it is affordable, good sized, coupled with a high power-producing solar panel which is highly durable and is easily approved for grid connections.

An introduction to 13.2KW Solar System

13.2 kW solar system is a grid-tie solar panel system that can generate over 100kWh of energy approximately when utilized at a 75% efficiency rate.

It is encrusted with monocrystalline solar panels to give a perfect look and finish to the solar setup. It installs perfectly on almost every surface whether flat or tilted.

For locations like Brisbane and Queensland which are hot most times of the year, this 13.2 kw solar system is very efficient as it needs a lot of heat and sunlight to suffice its size and operate at maximum efficiency.

It comes with high-grade solar PV cells that have improved sunlight trapping features, faster energy conversion rate, and long durable life.

It is truly a performance giant and yields better results in comparison to 10KW solar power systems. Australian consumers are shifting to this solar panel configuration very rapidly because of its subtle features and cost-effectiveness.

13.2kw Solar System– Specs and Price

Installing a solar power system of substantial standard amounts a little over 1$ per watts. The pricing of the solar panel system is directly proportional to its specifications.

Higher the specification parameters of the system, the higher the price tag too. The average cost of a 13.2kw solar power in Brisbane ranges from $6499 to $9990 inclusive of taxes and rebates. The price will vary depending on the inverter size, capacity of solar cells, battery size, and other features.

A 10kW solar inverter is recommended with a 13.2kW solar system. 
The capacity of a solar battery depends upon your power consumption and storage preferences.

If you wish to have an off-grid tie solar panel system you will need a larger battery size ranging from 10kWh to 50kWh solar power system, larger battery size gives more days of energy independence to the consumer.

It is clear that specs decide the price of solar power system but it doesn’t mean a cheap solar system is not good, in the end, it all comes down to one thing i.e. size of property or space available, it is what decides the specs for your solar power system.

Our 13.2KW Solar Solutions Include:

Several sites that can benefit from our commercial solar power systems shown below

  • Factories
  • Small businesses & service operation
  • Commercial real estate & investment properties
  • Large-scale commercial projects
  • Microgrids & Solar Farms
  • School, colleges and Universities
  • Custom based large and small projects

How much energy is produced by a 13.2kW Solar System?

Power output is based on several factors that can affect the energy production of a solar power system.

For optimum utilization, it is important to align with those factors affecting the power output which are:

  • Orientation and tilt alignment of the panel which is set up by your installer after assessing your property and location.
  • The intensity of the sunlight is based on your local geographical and climatic conditions.
  • Amount of shadow falling on the panel depending on objects like trees or buildings.
  • Number of daylight hours with full sun exposure vs cloudy weather.
  • The performance quality of the solar PV cells, solar panel, solar inverter, solar charge controller, solar battery, and other components.

Generally, a 6KW or 6.6Kw Solar Power System generates 50-55 kWh power output on a north-facing solar system in Brisbane.

This means that a 13.2kw solar power system in Brisbane can generate 100kWh if utilized with a more than 70% efficiency rate.

How much area is required for installing a 13.2kw solar power system?

The area required for the installation of a 13.2kw solar system is based on the size and amount of solar panel used. Around 40-50 solar panels are required and an average solar panel measures 1.7m sq.
This spec is for a 275-300 watts panel. Therefore, to install this system on the roof, you would need a roof space of approximately 75-85m sq. The actual area consumed would also depend on the shape of the roof and design of the solar frame which can be tilted or flat mounted.

For a small or average property size, a 13.2kw solar system can be slightly big because of more amount of solar panels required. 5KW Solar Power System can be a good configuration for a compact or mid-sized property. You can also manage space if you’re short of it by utilizing the rooftop, roof walls, and aligning the angle of solar panels according to the structural shape of the roof.

Payback period of 13.2kw solar system

Consumers always prefer a shorter payback period but it all depends on the self-consumption and amount invested in the system. The payback period is known as the ‘break-even point’ which is the time taken to recover the investment cost. 13.2kw solar panel in Brisbane has a payback period ranging from 5 to 8 years which is a decent payback time for such a big system.

Payback time also depends on factors like annual output kWh, current electricity price per kWh, feed-in tariff rate, maintenance cost, power consumption, and savings. A small-sized solar power setup usually has a longer payback period time in comparison to a big sized like 13.2kW solar system but with a big sized panel, it is also important to retrieve maximum efficiency out of it. If your system is not utilizing its full potential then the payback time will eventually increase.

Is a 13.2kW solar system right for you?

13.2kw solar power system is perfect for commercial and big residences where energy consumption is high. It can power small businesses and homes with a big family. If you have a suburban home, an industrial unit, commercial property, or warehouse, then a 13.2kw solar panel system will suit you best for both energy consumption and savings. Solar power systems are right for everyone and every property, the only thing you need to check are the factors affecting the power output, space available for installation, and your geographical climatic conditions.

If all factors are favourable at your location and you have the space available then a 13.2kw solar panel system will be productive and profitable. It will also have a low payback time and will give efficient power output to fulfil personal consumption and to feed in the electric grid for the leftover energy transmission.

The segments of solar panels available are 5KW solar panel system, 6KW or 6.6 kW solar panel systemand 10KW solar panel system in Brisbaneand the most powerful of all in terms of power and size the 13.2kw solar panel system.

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    We had a solar system installed from True Value Solar(No more in the business) back in 2013. The inverter was broken recently and looking to replace it. I rang Sunny Solar and they provide us with great advice without any cost. Save our $800. Great work guys.
    Matt Howey
    Matt Howey
    20:12 11 Mar 21
    Excellent service and high quality install. In fact our neighbour is sparky and he is also very impressed with Sunny Sky Solar work.
    Leena Arora
    Leena Arora
    11:28 21 Sep 21
    The team from Sunny Sky Solar is experienced - they know the product and easy to deal with. The services and the price are both great.
    Frank Lam
    Frank Lam
    21:04 12 Feb 21
    "Sunny Sky Solar is the best company ever"Our solar system was installed to perfection and is producing great results! I can highly recommend Sunny Sky Solar and the team for your solar needs. Anna and Jonny were always easy to work with and came with solutions that met our needs. Thank you guys for your awesome work!!
    08:59 01 Nov 20
    Very professional and pro-active. Competitive prices and very professional job. From quote to installation everything was done within a week. Highly recommend these guys.
    Anil Kumar
    Anil Kumar
    02:11 29 Sep 21
    Jonny of Sunny Sky Solar and his Installation Team of Electricians and Installers have provided us with excellent pre and post-Sales Support and Additional Enquiries for our Solar System. The Onsite Team had demonstrated very coordinated and work-efficient manners to us, and we were so pleased with their job well-done that even our neighbour so-observed and mentioned that our Installations of Solar Panels could be completed so quickly. Our 10kW Fronius 3-Phase Inverter recommended by Jonny has been working very efficiently and problem-free. We have full confidence in Jonny and his Installation Team in providing frank and accurate advice, valuable discussions, and efficient solar-related services for any of our friends who wish to take full advantage of Solar Energy usage in Australia.
    Esmond Seetoh
    Esmond Seetoh
    15:08 31 Aug 21
    We install 6.6kw system with JA 390w panels and sungrow inverter. System is producing more than we expected despite some shade issues. Installer did an awesome job and set up wifi after install.
    11:39 21 Sep 21
    The main reason I chose Sunny Sky Solar is because of the reviews they have on here. Very professional team, they're quick to deliver, and the install is neat & tidy! I'll never have to pay for power again! Thanks guys.
    Kane Vestey
    Kane Vestey
    20:52 12 Feb 21
    Great service..very easy to deal with and very efficient . Very impressed all round.Thanks
    Shony Poulton
    Shony Poulton
    06:06 12 Feb 21
    Once again, Anna has impressed me by her professionalism and friendliness. If you have any questions or doubts, she is always one phone call away to put your mind at ease. I installed my 1st Solar system through Sunny Sky Solar in Aug 2017. Without any hesitation, I installed my 2nd Solar system for my new house with them again in Dec 2020! The whole process was so quick and easy. Installation team was very professional and prompt! They have set the bar for their service to the highest standard! what you read on these reviews, I can totally vouch that it is true and definitely 100% guarantee that you will be satisfied with their excellent services!
    Surya Sudrama
    Surya Sudrama
    02:29 19 Feb 21

    Most Preferred Solar Power System Packages

    6.6kW Solar Power System

    Medium Family
    • Average Daily Generation: 20 to 35 kWh / Day* (Units )
    • Average Payback Period: 2.5 to 4 Years
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    10.5kW Solar Power Systema

    Large Family
    • Average Daily Generation: 30 to 45 kWh / Day* (Units )
    • Average Payback Period: 2.5 to 4 Years
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    13.2kW Solar Power Systema

    Large Family
    • Average Daily Generation: 35 to 50 kWh / Day* (Units )
    • Average Payback Period: 2.5 to 4 Years
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