You might’ve heard a lot from people about solar energy, or probably would’ve seen a solar panel installed on a terrace, eager to know how they work? We are here to help you elaborate on the mechanism of solar panels. Solar power is generated with the help of the Photovoltaic effect which is executed by Photovoltaic cells or commonly known as Solar cells. PV cells are arranged beneath a panel covering it, which then traps solar energy to convert it into electricity.

Types of Solar Panels

Now we will take a quick look at types of solar panels in Brisbane that are available in the market.

  • Polycrystalline Solar Panel


Polycrystalline Solar Panel | Sunny Sky Solar


Polycrystalline solar panels are equipped with solar cells that are carved out of silicon fragments. These cells reflect a bluish shade when sunlight falls on them. These types of panels are easily available at any local solar panel installer in Brisbane. They are most commonly used because of their high efficiency and long durability and comes with an economical price tag which makes them a perfect choice.

  • Monocrystalline Solar Panel


Solar Panel System | Monocrystalline Solar Panel


These are the traditional solar panels in brisbane which have the highest efficiency rating of around 15%-20%, along with a life cycle of approximately 25 years which makes it the most durable among all types of the solar panel. Solar cells in these panels are formed from an individual pure silicon crystal and are black. The price tags of these panels are a little higher but justifiable towards the high-end specifications.

  • Mono PERC Solar Panels


Solar Panels System | Mono PERC Solar Panels


If you’re looking for a highly efficient and low-cost panel then this might be the perfect option for you. PERC stands for Passivated Emitter and Rear Cells, this is the latest technology in which panels come with an advanced layer of material on their back which increases heat absorption and boosts its efficiency.

  • Bifacial Solar Panels


Bifacial Solar Panels | Sunny Sky Solar


As the name depicts, this solar panel has two faces which means it can absorb heat from both ends. They are specifically used on solar farms because they are to be installed at a certain angle so that light can reflect on its back. These are not an apt choice for residential purposes but gives better results on a large scale solar power plants.

  • Frameless Solar Panels


Solar Panels System | Frameless Solar Panels


They are the most aesthetic designed panels which are cheap as well as the shifting cost of these panels is also very low due to its design which makes it easier to transport and install. They are not equipped with those heavy aluminum frames covering it which enhances its performance as there is a solar cell at every inch of this panel.

  • Split Cell (Half Cut) Solar Panels


Solar Panels System | Split Cell (Half Cut) Solar Panels


These panels use laser cut solar cells which are half the size of a full PV cell, they boost the power output of the panel and also increase efficiency by a considerable ratio at low upfront cost. They best suit space which is small and can be purchased from any local solar installer.

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Solar Panel System Buyer’s Guide

1) Panel Quality

This is the most prior thing to keep in mind while purchasing a solar panel. Choose panels that come with standard quality certification or with an ISO registered certification. The panel is the most important part of this whole process, therefore, make sure you don’t mess up by falling for any low-quality solar panel which might come with a cheap price tag but won’t give the desired performance.

2) Durability

Durability is the second most important factor when it comes to solar panels. Installing a solar power system is not cheap and also not a repetitive process, once they are installed they should withstand all sorts of weather conditions and high temperature without hindering its productivity. Always look for IEC certified panels as they are tested rigorously to assure high durability.

3) Cost per watt

One should also consider the cost factor while buying a solar panel. Try to compare multiple panels before buying, you can do this by dividing the total cost of the panel by the output it will generate. Low cost per watt means your solar panel will give you better output at minimal cost which will make it highly profitable. High-cost solar panels will be less profitable and might also result in a negative cost effect due to more cost to generate per watt electricity.

4) Solar Panel Ratings

A solar panel is rated according to the energy it can create under general conditions which are also known as power rating. High power rating panels can generate more power but that does not guarantee higher efficiency because that depends on other factors as well. Solar panel manufacturers queensland suggest high power rating panels but you should ultimately choose as per general conditions that will be available at your space for optimum utilization.

5) Power toleranceSolar panel Brisbane

comes with a power tolerance rating which helps the customer to be more precise while buying the perfect solar power system in Brisbane. Power tolerance rating gives an idea of the range of power that solar cells can generate, it ranges from negative to positive like for example, if you have a 300W system which has a positive power tolerance from 0% to 10%, then it will produce energy from 300W to 340W and if it has negative rating i.e. below 0%, in that case, it will produce anywhere less than 300W.

6) Solar Cell Efficiency

Every solar cell has a different efficiency rating which simply means the amount of electricity it can produce under a specific amount of solar radiation. Solar cell efficiency contradicts the size factor as well because a high efficiency rated cell say of 20% and size 8*10 will generate more electricity than the one with lesser efficiency rating say 12% and of size 15*12, therefore, it is important to buy a solar panel with high efficiency rated solar cells.

7) Solar Panel Warranties

Solar Panel warranty is different from the normal warranty which we get for other products. It is calculated on the basis of panel degradation, which is a factor in which the productivity of panel decreases year after year. Solar panel manufacturers provide warranty on the power-producing capability of the panel, so look out for the one which gives constant and high productivity for a long span of time.

8) How much do Solar Panel Price?

Solar panels price in brisbane may be changed with respect to the specification they are laced with, price is directly proportional to the power productivity i.e. higher the productivity of panel, the higher the cost. A 5kw solar system price Brisbane around AUS $4000-$6000 which gives an output of approx. 21kWh. Your solar panel price may also differ on the basis of add-ons like solar inverters, solar batteries if you opt for them. Get your quote from the solar panel installer in Brisbane to compare the prices of different panels before getting it installed.

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