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In Australia, Government figures show that a record of 3.5 million rooftop solar panels was installed by businesses and homes in 2017 alone. Sunny Sky Solar, the best solar power system installer in Brisbane also contributes to making nature clean and eco friendly.

According to the research, 16,042 residential solar panel installed in Australia in January 2020. And South Australia has taken a gold because around 48% of the electricity will be generated from renewable sources.

We deals in the top brands of residential solar power systems including solar panels, solar inverter, solar charge controller, and solar batteries. We provide the best installation service at an affordable price.

At Sunny Sky Solar Brisbane, we offer all the services regarding a residential solar power system that includes solar panel installation, maintenance, and cleaning. Maintain and cleaning your solar power system keeps it in good condition for a long time and gives you better output.

On-grid (tied to a grid), off-grid (not tied to a grid), and hybrid (tied or not tied to a grid) residential solar power system are the three types that can install using best quality products services that Sunny Sky Solar offers in Brisbane with a good life warranty.

Well over 75% of the homes in Queensland, Australia have solar power system on their roof top. Now it’s your time to switching to residential solar panels, will help you to cut energy cost and is good for the environment.

Now, If you’re interested in to install solar power system at your home rooftop, and you would like to know more about your clean, renewable energy for your home, Sunny Sky Solar is here for you. Our Solar power system ensures you to get the best solar panel system in Brisbane to meet your requirement and you will feel great about your decision.

At Sunny Sky Solar, our teams of professional have extensive experience of installing and maintaining residential solar power system over the last few years in neighboring state of Queensland like Brisbane, Gold coast, Sunshine coast, etc. All our solar power systems are designed with Tier 1 Quality solar modules from top manufacturers like: Jinko Solar, Suntech, Canadian Solar, Trina Solar, LG, Panasonic and many others.

To know more about residential solar power system, feel free to contact us and schedule a meeting 1800 801 347.

It’s time to take a giant step towards sun free solar energy and let’s power your home by using the sun’s free power? It’s may be cheaper and easier than you think to install solar panel system in Brisbane, Queensland.

What Do I Need to Consider for a Solar System for Home use?

There are several reasons why people go sun free energy to power the home and more popular than ever in the Queensland. Firstly, it reduces or even eliminated your electricity bills, to reduce their environmental impact also improving property value, It also improves grid security, and to achieve a greater level of energy independence.

Solar System Price & Output in Brisbane (Popular system sizes)

In Brisbane, QLD price of solar system have steadily decreasing over the last couple of years. The actual cost of your solar system in Brisbane, Queensland can vary and depending on where you are, Size of solar panel system, type of solar system, and quality of solar panel system.

The table below shown the how much you can spend on residential solar system in Gold Coast, QLD and also provides an overview of how much energy a residential solar panel system can produce, installed sized from 2KW to 12KW solar system.

Solar system size (kilowatts) Avg. daily system output (kilowatt-hours) Average Cost

(At time of writing)

2Kw 7.8kWh $3,870
3Kw 11.7kWh $5,570
4Kw 15.6kWh $10,382
5Kw 19.5kWh $12,362
6KW 23.5KWh $14,202
8Kw 21.6KWh $17,865
10Kw 39KWh $21,281
12Kw 47.6KWh $24,627


Types of Residential Solar Power System?

There are three different types of residential solar power systems for generating electricity.

  • Grid Inter-Tied Residential Solar System
  • Off-Grid Inter-Tied Residential Solar System
  • Hybrid Inter-Tied Residential Solar System

1) Grid Inter-Tied Residential Solar System (Without Batteries)

Grid solar power system is directly connected to your home and with traditional utility grid. It is a combination of both solar power system and utility grid without any battery backup. If your solar system excess power then it is exported to the utility grid and your get paid as per your feed in tariff.

Off-Grid Inter-Tied residential solar systems are generating electricity at day time while sun is shining. After then sun goes does, Then It automatically switches to utility grid. Disadvantage of Grid residential solar power system, it shut down in case of power outage.

2) Off Grid Inter-Tied Residential Solar Power Systems

An off-grid Inter-Tied residential solar system is completely disconnected from the utility grid system. Residential off-grid solar systems are more expensive than grid-tied solar systems. Without connection to utility grid, batteries or generators is usually added to the system to power your home at night or blackout.

3) Hybrid Inter-Tied Residential Solar System

Hybrid tied residential solar power system is a combination of both Grid and off-Grid residential solar power system. A Hybrid solar power system is also connected with utility power grid and adds battery backup to the solar power system.

In Hybrid Solar power system the production of electricity depends on the available sunlight. If your solar panel generates excess energy, when automatically charged the battery. If the batteries are fully charges, the excess generated electricity exported to the utility grid and vice versa.

What components will you need?

While installing Solar Power System in Brisbane, the main components of residential solar system we installed.

  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Inverter
  • DC Disconnect, Charge Controller
  • Solar Array Mounting Racks
  • Utility power meters
  • Solar Batteries, or Backup Generator
  • Breaker Panel, AC Panel, Circuit Breaker Panel

How Many Solar Panels is Needed to Power a Home?

It’s very important to find out the right amount number of panels is needed to power your home as this is the starting point. It’s totally depending on your past utility bills or household consumption or number of people living in your household.

If you work with Sunny Sky Solar, our solar system installer will handle all these calculations for you. But to give you some idea, Here on the below page you get the list of how many solar panel system you need to power your home.

Solar System Size Number of Solar Panel
3.5KW 14
5KW 20
7 KW 28
10 KW 40
12 KW 48

Example: If the average house in Brisbane, QLD consumes about 3,000 kWh in a year. It could be reached by a 3kW-4kW solar system, thus the typical household will need 12-16 individual solar panel to cover 100% home energy usage.

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